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If you are looking for a counter-formation team you came in the perfect place! Here’s a great list of counter-formations teams that might help you to win your games.                                 

Opponent’s Team Counter-Formation
5-4-1 4-4-2 OR 3-5-2 Flat
5-3N-2 3N-4-1-2 OR 4-4-2
5-3W-2 3N-4-1-2 OR 4-4-2
5-1-3N-1 3N-5-2 V-Style
5-1-3W-1 3N-5-2 V-Style
5-1-2-1-1 Narrow Diamond 3N-5-2 V-Style
5-1-2-1-1 Wide Diamond 3N-5-2 V-Style
5-2-(2AML/AMR)-1 4-4-2
5-2(ML/MR)-2(AMC)-1 4-2-2-2 Hexagon
5-2-2(AMC)-1 3N-1-3W-1-2 OR 3N-1(DMC)-3W-3
5-2-1-2 X-Style 3N-1-4-2
5-1-1-1-2 4-3-3 OR 4-2-2-2 Hexagon
4-5-1 Flat 3-5-2 Flat OR 3-5-2 V-Style
4-5-1 V-Style 3N-2(DML/DMR)-3N-2 OR 4-3N-3
4-4-2 3N-4-1-2 OR 4-3W-1-2 OR 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly
4-1(DMC)-2-3 4-1-4-1
4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond 4-5-1 V-Style OR 3N-5-2 V-Style
4-1-2-1-2 Wide Diamond 3-5-2 Flat
4-1-2-2(AMC)-1 Loop 4-2(DMC)-2-2 Hexagon
4-1-1-2W-2 3N-3(DML/DMC/DMR)-2-2 OR 3N-2N-1-2W-2
4-1-1-2N-2 4-5-1 V-Styl
4-2(DMC)-1-2(AMC)-1 3N-1-4-1-1
4-2(DMC)-1-2(AML/AMR)-1 5-2-2(AML/AMR)-1 OR 4-4-2
4-3W-3 4-4-2  OR 4-5-1 V-Style
4-3N-3 4-1-4-1
4-1-3N-2 4-3N-2(AML/AMR)-1
4-1-3N-1-1 3N-5-2 V-Style
4-1-3W-2 4-5-1 V-Style OR 4-4-2
4-1-3W-1-1 5-1(DMC)-2-2
4-2(DMC)-3W-1 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly
4-2-3N(AMC)-1 3W-2(DMC)-3W-1-1 OR 3W-2(DMC)-3W-2 OR 4-4-2
4-2-3W(AMC)-1 4-4-2
4-3N-1-2 4-3N-2(AML/AMR)-1 OR 4-5-1 V-Style
4-3W-1-2 4-1-4-1 OR 3N-1-4-2
4-3W-2(AMC)-1 Xmas Tree 3W-2(DMC)-3N-1-1 Eiffel Tower OR 4-5-1 Flat
4-3N-2(AMC)-1 3W-2(DMC)-3W-1-1 Maple Leaf
4-3N-2W-1 4-4-1-1
4-2-2-2 Hexagon 3N-4-1-2 OR 4-5-1 V-Style OR 3-4-3
4-1(DMC)-2(MC)-3 4-1-4-1
4-1-2(AMC)-3 5-1-3W-1
4-2-1-3 4-5-1 V-Style OR 4-3N-2W-1
4-1-4-1 4-5-1 V-Style OR 4-3N-2W-1
4-4-1-1 3-5-2 Flat OR 4-5-1 V-Style
3N-5-2 Flat 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly OR 4-3-2(AML/AMR)-1
3W-5-2 Flat 4-5-1 V-Style
3N-5-1-1 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond
3W-5-1-1 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond
3W-4-3 4-2-2-2 Hexagon
3N-4-3 4-3N-2(AML/AMR)-1 OR 4-4-2 OR 3-5-2
3W-1-4-2 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond
3W-1-4-1-1 4-5-1 V-Style
3N-1-4-2 4-5-1 V-Style
3N-5-2 V-Style 4-3N-2(AML/AMR)-1 OR 4-2-2-2 Hexagon
3W-5-2 V-Style 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly
3W-2(DMC)-3W-2 3W-5-2 Flat
3N-2-3W(AML/AMC/AMR)-2 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly OR 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond OR 4-4-2
3W-2-3W(AML/AMC/AMR)-2 4-4-2 OR 4-3-3
3N-3-2W(AML/AMR)-2 4-3N-2(AML/AMR)-1
3W-2-3W-1-1 Maple Leaf 4-5-1 V-Style OR 3N-1-4-2
3W-2(DMC)-2W-1-2 3W-5-2 V-Style
3W-2N-2N-2W-1 4-4-2
3N-2N-1-2W-2 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly
3N-1-2-1-3 4-1-3N-2 OR 4-5-1 V-Style
3W-1-5-1 4-3N-2W-1
3W-1-3W-2(AMC)-1 4-5-1 V-Style
3N-1-3W-2(AMC)-1 4-5-1 V-Style
3W-1-3W-1-2 3-2(DMC)-3-1-1 Eiffel Tower OR 3N-5-2 Flat
3N-1-3W-1-2 Dandelion 4-5-1 V-Style OR 4-4-2 OR 4-1-2-1-2 Wide Diamond
3N-1-4-1-1 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond
3W-1-3N-1-2 4-5-1 V-Style
3N-4-1-2 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond
3W-4-1-2 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond
3N-2(DML/DMR)-3N-2 4-5-1 FLAT OR 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond OR 3-5-2 FLAT
3N-2(DML/DMR)-2-1-2 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond
3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly 4-2-2-2 OR 4-3N-2(AML/AMR)-1



    1. Well isn’t just the formation, is also your squad, players perfomances, quality difference, etc.

      If you lost really all games, I doubt is because of formations.

    2. im level 48,every season i update my team United 99,buy lot of token buy good quality players even everytime i buy scouts player but did not winning against the more weaker team also sometime lost..with good training everyday,good morale and condition and using the good formation i think this is unfair game..the opponents also did not see the game and some of them never update their team but still can win?..come on tired of this hopeless game..they pick winner randomly..

      1. if you have a 6% bonus on all stats u are highly likely to win. And money isn’t the answer to winning every season. How did Leicester City F.C. win the Epl, they only had 10 million budget but still won. Always play importance to players skills and stats, if u don’t you are basically a blind person with tons of money but no talent. Use ur brain not money.

        1. in reality teams with the money win most cl is each and every year the same boring shit real barca ,munich,psg smaller teams no change

          your comparison to leicester happens once in 25 years

          in foortbal money rules nowadays thats it except a few exceptions once in a while

        2. you said 6% ??? but the most higher bonus trainning is 10%, can toy please help me to understand you.

      1. Hi, nice to see others posting about Top Eleven, if you want us to advertise your website let us know, is totally free!

  1. it’s just a question how it is possible that a team is 13 of the league and he is cup winner and clock winner ??? and he even saw the games??? ty

  2. @ Bayram, you are right, the game is corrupt. I had two different teams in two different devices and decided to play a friendly match with my one level lower team, at the end of the match both teams showed as winners ?

    1. This article is not our work, we gave the credits at the end. Unfortunately there’s no new research for this.

  3. […] of Counter Formations v2.0 – Which formation to use? and also this one elsewhere >>> Counter Formation – Top Eleven | Top Eleven What is missing unfortunately, are tactics, bonuses etc. These are key to helping you play […]

    1. 3N-2W-2N-2W-1ST

      Team Mentality – Normal
      Focus Passing – Down the flanks
      Pressing Style – Own Half
      Tackling Style – Normal
      Passing Style – Mixed
      Marking – Zonal
      No Counter or Off Trap

  4. Hi, Just won a game against 4-5-1 V style today against mine 4-3-3 formation (not to forget, I missed 2 penalties). The opponents team was 100% while mine is close to 95%. In 2nd leg (I am away), think I would need a different attacking formation. I was thinking of 3-1-3-1-2 formation Hard Attacking style. Please can anyone help me in advising the tactics?

    1. My team rating is 88% but I do beat 4-5-1V teams that is rated 112% or above with ease, it’s simple, use 4-1-2-1-2 Diamond Narrow, or 4-1-3N-2. Mentality Hard defense, offside trap on, counter attack on, man to man, hard tackle, then let your fullback attack from the wide by giving them green arrow up. For me, I find more fun in playing teams that is more stronger than mine because I know they must attack then I punish them always.

    1. Use 3DC 1DML 1 DMR 1MC 1AMR 1AML 2 ST
      DC arrow down
      DML and DMR arrow up
      MC depends on the gane whether u want to score more or defend against opponet from scoring..
      Rest of the team arrow up
      Pressing high
      Down both flanks.(works most of the time)
      Marking zonal
      Play offside trap on
      Force counter attack on
      If u have a play maker and dribbler in DM or MC then u have 99% winning against most teams..
      I started with the 32221 formation ans was 2nd in the league..the next season i changed to the above mentioned formation and i hav won a triple..its the 5th season now and my formation hasnt changed since winning the triple crown…

  5. How do i counter 3W-2(DMR DML)-2(MR ML)-1(AMC)-2
    Im playing a champions league game 2moro i must win…Wats ur view

  6. I can’t find counter formation for 3W-1-3N-2(AML/AMR)-1


  7. What is the most appropriate tactics against a team that concentrates its players on attack?
    The other team uses 3N-1(MC)-4(AML,AMC,AMC,AMR)-2 and I was defeated by 5-1 using 4-5-1 V Style. The teams are very similar (mine is 103,8% and the other 101.4%). I used also high pressure to avoid the ball to reach the attacking players.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  8. If you want to work out a counter formation based on my experience do this (zonal / man marking)
    3x ST – 5defenders cover (zonal)
    2x ST – 4defenders cover (zonal)
    1x ST – 3DCs covers (zonal)
    AMC – DMC covers (zonal/man)
    AML/AMR – dml/dmr covers (zonal/man)
    2x MC – 4midfielders cover (zonal)
    3x Midfielders – 5 midfielders cover (zonal)
    4x midfielders – 4midfielders cover (man)

    To attack there defensive players

    1x DMC – amc (zonal/man)
    2x DMC – 2 amc (man) or amc/l/r (zonal)
    3 defenders – 3 strikers (man) or 2xST (zonal)
    4 defenders – 2 ST (wingers and/or amc attacking arrows)

    1. 4-1-4-1 attacking mentality both wing blue arrow mixed pass style mixed focused passed no offside trap no counter attack. I know its weird but U can thank me later

    1. Well its called 4-5-1 V style. U can use its brother, the 4-3N-2W-1 attacking mentality both wing blue arrow mixed pass style mixed focused passed no offside trap no counter attack. N means Narrow (exp 3N above means 3 MC tight together). W means Wide (exp 2W means 1 AML + 1 AMR)
      DR DC DC DL
      MC MC MC
      AMR AML

  9. How to counter the X math Tree formation
    Please answer me fast
    My formation was 4-2(mc)-3(amr-amc-aml)-1(ST) and i lost the first match in home 1/0 with free kick
    He won the possession (49% vs 51%)
    Please i need best formation i need to won 2/0
    Iam 81 quality and he is 79

  10. I’ve followed this guide and it’s absolute crap. The game is definitely corrupt and will select the winning side before play. The developers says it’s not fixed but they lie.

    Ignore this crap!

    1. N is from narrow and W is from wide and if you want to make a better idea of 4-4-2 classic one is more a W formation and 4-1(dmc)-2-1(amc)-2 is a narrow one.

  11. Nice work but I need update to counter this formation everytime I play with this guy I at best condition just draw so I should beat him his formation as in top eleven screen
    2 cb -1 dr-1 dl -1 dmc – 1 rm-1 amc-1 lm- 2 st
    2-3-3-2 hexagonal style

    1. That means like fc barcelona or liverpool fc

      Mc——- mc

    1. Hi Gilbert, we do not allow aggressive advertising on our website, there’s also no credit needed as the guys from the website you advertise are not the owners of the guide. However feel free to post and links that can be useful for other Top Eleven users but with a nice description so they know what they are looking at.

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