Here is the list of all the contests and rewards we will offer during the month February.

February already started and we have a lot of consts and rewards for you so to make everything much easier for you and to know better what and when to search.

For this month we have everything, official items, tokens but also planning to start a new program to reward all of you or as many as possible.


7/Feburary/2017 – Starting “50 tokens redeem code” – Ending 11;12/February /2017

13/February/2017 – Starting “50 tokens redeem code” – Ending 18;19/February/2017

20/February/2017 – Starting “50 tokens redeem code” – Ending 25;26/February/2017

27/February/2017 – Starting “50 tokens redeem code” – Ending 4;5/March/2017


7/February/2017 – Starting “Full Set Real Madrid” – Ending 18,19/February/2017

20/February/2017 – Starting “Full set Borussia Dortmund” – Ending 4;5/March/2017

Also during the month we will make more speed contests with random rewards that can be everything from regular items to premium or even some other official items and why not MORE TOKENS.


          1. Im try to said, If he ignore the method to win token, why he tell us ; u have just to share to post in social media.
            and by the way how to win this token

  1. Hey administrator! Can you explain all of my friends ,the method of winning these rewards in detail…PLEASE….

    1. Hello Rana, the rewards would be offered on different contest which would be hold on this website but also on our page


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