Community World Cup IIIrd Edition

220 teams… 4 Continental Playoffs… all, to obtain the 16 participants for the IIIrd Edition of the Community World Cup, and fight for the Emblem, the 4th that exist inside the Top Eleven lands…


Here a resume about the competition progress, Group Stage and Playoffs, where curiously we needed in both finales, to determine the winner and 3rd placed a 3rd match following the rules:

Ayomide, won this edition representing Nigeria vs Denis T. who played with Bulgaria in a curious 1vs1 with x3 5-1’s in the scores.

Miltiadis -Greek Moderator- faced the Forumer @Chocolove in the Morocco vs Argentina and Morocco reached the 3rd place after the win by 2-4 in the 3rd match.

We are currently taking a break of these individual competition in favour of the Nations League competitions that the Top Eleven Out Game Government is administrating by promoting a 3vs3 Format between real national Federations, more to coome soon, thenn and by the way, congrats to Ayomide, who won the Emblem, and who had a close win representing Nigeria in the Nations League Test that we played just after this 3rd World Cup with a close score vs Albania.

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