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Hi all, hope you’re doing well in these apocalyptic times we are living.

The football world has stopped all of sudden and looks like we are playing in a survival mode of one of those games from the 90’s LOL

I’m gonna explain a little bit the plans that have been moved to try to manage a new Community Competition like the Community World Cup we were playing, that now will be in stanby mode, and that consists in a Nations League played in Team Mode and kind realistic.


I did a sketch about how could we create a structure where to knit together the managers of the different nationalities that are playing Top Eleven to try a competition where they could represent their country.

This needs… few basic stuffs to work, should be easy to play, needs a infrastructure to organize the players, rules, and I wanted to give realistic roles promoting a system where to earn a place by own merits, so I planned first to have the roles as National Presidents, Coaches and Players, having each Role a task assigned and the option to, be fired in case of the Coach with some “standard criterias”.

Once the sketch was under the table, all this needed to be the more simplified as posible to be posible, so I asked using a poll in TE Elite about the Nationality of the Managers to use the Top Eleven Forum and the National teams Subforum, to Open Threads for the structure we need to play.

So, particular Federation Threads were open, and some Facebook Groups too were created too for some Communities of some small countries that actually have a good amount of managers playing. Too the starting Idea changed slightly, “fulminating” the Role as coach, and assigning his tasks to the Team Captain.

So to resume;

-The plan will be, keep organizing and creating the enough Federations that, will be used, to play a Nations League, in a Team of 3 Managers format. Every federation, will have a President assigned, actually, by default but in some time we could allow elections, and do some rules to play with regarding Tournament Formats and so.

-Every National Federation can use, the Groups that we created, to, Select the “National Team” that will represent the Country in the Nations League, and 2 Formats can be used for that purpose.

The Format one, is group Managers to play 3 spared playoffs -if there are odd players or basically, few members you can do, instead a particular playoff in a 1vs1 format, a Group of 3, with 1 winner-, so were to obtain 3 winners. And one will be Declared Captain, maybe, the “best” so by merit, or by a nomination voted by all federation managers using a poll.

The Format two, is Group since the beginning, the National Managers in Teams of 3, so, a tournament like a “National Cup” played in a Playoffs Format facing 3vs3 will determine, which Group of 3 Managers, is finally the National Team which represent the Country.

In this second Case, every Group should pick up a “Captain” that, will have the task to, do the draws when the team, play home, so we can have a home an away legs facing different managers depending on the Captains decisions. In case of draw, a 1vs1 facing both captains in a double leg playoff, will determine the winner team. If, there’s a score that ends in a draw with same amount of goals, in the 1sta dn 2dnd leg, the ET of this 2nd leg, will count, allowing a 4th substitution. Goals don’t count double in the ET.

So, the Captain, will choose, “who faces whom”. And, at this stage, where the national team is in a selection process, the Groups can, change of captain if they wish.

Too I invite you to allow the captains to “manage” the Teams, so give advices, and tips, and even if you wish, you could try to play in a more realistic style, following the Captain Orders what means that for fun,  he can decide to play in a particular playing style.

Every Group will be free to decide these details. We want, initially try to be flexible because the main point is to have fun.

Once, enough National Teams are selected, we will try to do a “realistic” Nations League, that, I would like to do in a Group Stage format with 2 divisions, so, with Relegations and Promotions if posible.

The idea is to play first a comp using a 119,9% AvQ without 1-3* players and if works, we could do a 2nd comp for 139,9% AvQ Managers.

The groups may be, of 4 teams in a Division A, and 3 teams in Division B having 3 groups per division -we’ll see- and probably the Nations League Winners will earn a Reward in tokens, but the plan is to reward too in case of promotion, the 2nd Div’ Definitive winner at least with Premium Jerseys. Of course we invite you all to visit the Forum, in National Teams subforum and there’s a Economy Ministry where you can post if you are willing to donate a item or participate with funds to reward the comp more properly.

We have a Facebook Group as main place where to manage this competition

Official Managers Association -Institution

Too, the National Teams subforum have threads linked to this competition, post in the Index thread if you have any question and, the Links, to re-direct you to the Facebook Individual Federation pages, are inside each particular Federation thread, so take a look at this;

Federations Index


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