Club Shop

At this moment if I could choose an word to express my opinion about the Club Shop feature will be for sure disappointed.       


Maybe I want more then I should but so many people are asking me this so often that makes me to think I am right when I ask for more from the game regarding the Club Shop feature.


When I wrote the post Top Eleven – Original version I tried to remember how was the game at the start and I can say it was awesome, super easy & super light.

What I expect now from the game is to make less updates and try to develop more the feature they already have, the basic and the most common one and to transform them in something more attractive.


One of these is Club Shop and I will do my best to make them to understand this and to understand that this is also a good way to increase their income because after all they are a company.


For sure there can be many ideas and would be great if they will do a poll or ask players on their communities what change they want on the Club Shop but here are few.


  1. Something cool and maybe not that hard for them to do is to make the Club Storage customizable because if you have like me dozens of them, trust me, after a period of time you will be kinda annoyed losing time searching for a jersey or emblem when you can look for something else in this time. This is a simple update that can only please the players.
  2. Maybe this supposed to be the first suggestion. Updating the shop regular will make players happy also it will motivate them to log more often to see what’s new there. Also people will be more motivated to buy a new one then something that they probably already have and if they don’t have it their friends have it for sure.
  3. Creating new contests like before Design your own emblem or Design your own jersey which are freaky awesome and also bring more players to the forum.
  4. More patterns for the logos and jerseys because I know there are already some in the game but not available.
  5. Selling new stuffs can be also a good move, like stadium designs, goalkeeper kits, etc.
  6. Something else that can be nice and motivate others to compete more between them is to create a pointing system for the club shop.


And clearly there can be more ideas for the Club Shop but for the moment I will remain at these.



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