Club History – Bring it back!

Another feature that’s missing in this new version and is request by a lot of players is the option to see the Club History page. 


As you might noticed so far I’ve started a campaign of requests to the game developers in order to bring back some good options and features from the old version and to improve as much as possible the new version of the game.






This is no surprise that a big number of Top Eleven players are wondering and asking why the new version of the game don’t have the Club History page and it’s a very good question.


Club History page was added in the game almost 2 years ago, more exactly in 12 March 2014 if I remember good.


This feature was available only for the desktop version of the game, never for the mobile version and thinking that there’s already over 1 year since the Top Eleven 2015 have been released is really surprising that we still don’t have this feature.



In less then a month it will be 2 years since this option was introduced in the game and the mobile exclusive players still didn’t had the chance to see it live on their teams.


Really surprising especially if we think that this was one of the few new feature that was very appreciated by the majority of the players and then, the question is: Why this feature was never introduced in Top Eleven 2015 and worst, why it wasn’t introduced in Top Eleven 2016?

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