Chelsea FC – In the game!

Not even one month ago we posted that Chelsea FC might be in the game sooner, now we are back with more informations.

As you know we posted “Chelsea FC – Rumour” where we explained why Chelsea FC can be the next big team in the game.

We are here again, speaking about this but this time we have even more proofs and we are almost 100% sure that Chelsea FC is gonna be in the game.

Last week, Top Eleven released a great new feature, an external page, that shows your team statistics, achievements, trophies and many other great things.

On this page you can also check other managers and if you will check Jose Mourinho you will discover something interesting. Jose Mourinho is the manager of Chelsea FC and not of Mourinho FC like he is at the moment.

We really think that this is a mistake from Top Eleven and the proof that Chelsea FC  is gonna be ingame sooner, especially because as you can see, they are using official design which you can’t use without club agreement.

If this is true, sooner, Mourinho will manage Chelsea FC in the game and at the next update on jerseys and emblems we should have this team in the club shop.

Tell us what do you think about this, if you like Chelsea and if you would buy this team. Don’t forget this share this post with your friends and come back tomorrow, because here you can find the best informations about Top Eleven.



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