CHAT – Rumour

A lots of updates and changes in the game recently and seems that some old suggestion got added finally in the game.      

Can “CHAT” be the next major update in the game? Very possible because if we  are watching the forum suggestions recently, a lof of requests got in the game like “Sell now”; “Live games” ; etc.

How Top Eleven chat will look like? It’s hard to guess how it will be because they have from more option to choose. Here are just few options they have.:

  1. Chatbox – this option is one of the best because it will be easier for players to chat and they will be able to do it in real time. however I don’t expect this to be ingame because can be used for massive spam, flaming or trolling.
  2. Message – a decent option for players to chat from time to time and probably the best option despite this one can be also used for other things like spam, trolling etc.
  3. Predefined texts – this option will allow users to send/use only a limited number of words or expressions and for sure will make everyone happy but still remain quite limited.

Top Eleven should considering an option to allow messages, maybe an “ON|OFF” option.

A great thing on chat would be a small tax like 1 or 2 tokens to open a chat with a person for a limited period of time like 1,2 days (longer or less). Despite some users might not like it, it would be great to avoid pointless messages, insults, beggars, etc.

The biggest advantage of a CHAT can be for useful things like negotions or transfer market where users can get on a common agreement much faster,  avoiding future useless bidding wars and why not making T11 friends.



Tell us what you think about this new possible feature, if you like it and if you will use it.


  1. I want to report a player who triseaza.Se DO Quang Tien and has called Chelsea FC nivelul24.La at this level was in the first four stages of the 14 players all players aged 19-20-21 and level 156-157-159 .Chiar if you take the manager level you can not get them 144 at 157 -158 in 2 month.In plus two players in his 19 years !!!!! Alta problema.Atacantul Diego Costa’s name was Diego Costa.Era top scorer day campionatului.A called Pedro Pedro and the winger suddenly become not reight.Daca taking measures give up more players.Thank s

    1. Everyone is free to share everything is on the website. The goal of the website is to share for free everything we know.

  2. Question?
    Semi final CL home leg , i am 0-3 down , he is playing 41212… i think to start with 3142 defensive then go hard attk 343 second half ?
    What do you think?

    1. For this kind of questions, I recommend you to use the official forum, that guys have a better idea how to do deal with.

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