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It’s confirmed that very sooner we will have a chat option in the game that will allow us to talk more with other managers.         



2016 seems to be a very special year for any manager and especially for the game in general because it seems to be the year of changes.


Slowly but safety Top Eleven is starting to add almost everything user have asked for in the past.



The new teaser regarding the brand new feature Associations, reveled a chat options for managers which will allow them to talk about their plans, strategies, etc.

Is a great idea especially if you think that you can add somebody in your Association without being friend with him on Facebook or In-Game. This option will create a better bound between managers for sure!


It’s also true that is not exactly what managers asked for, a chat  that will allow you talk with any other manager but is a start and analyzing how these conversations will go it can also be a starting point for a future chat option between all managers.


The chat will allow you to write anything you want without restriction but very likely it won’t be able to read the links in case you will try to send it.


Top Eleven didn’t set yet any releasing date for this feature but I assume somewhere at the middle of next month or even sooner.


If you have any other questions regarding the chat option feel free to ask and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.


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