Champions League +1 Level

Do you think that playing against higher level opponents in Champions League is fair?  Tell us your oppinion about this!              


Nobody likes to play against opponents who are +1 level but sometimes there’s no alternative so it has to happen but the question is:  how fair is when the game is forcing you to play against higher level just because you managed to get a strong team. 


This is something that I really don’t like and I have some good arguments, at least from my point of view.



There are more and more cases when the managers are forced to play against +1 level teams in Champions League just because Top Eleven decided this and is clearly not something randomly or rare.


I guess everyone who ends with 6,7 or 8 stars can confirm this but just as I said, this is not fair at all.


To put this in a better context is just as sending a team from league two to play against a team from league one in Champions League, the chances won’t be fair at all.



I was reading the Champions League rules from in-game and from the support page and I found something very interesting:

It is possible that the MANAGER levels between teams in the Champions League may be different, but this has no effect on the overall chances of winning. Additionally the CLUB Level of the competitors may not be the same in the Champions League competition since the mixing of teams depends on how many teams are available for each level in every server. It does also heavily depend on the performance they have shown in recent matches and the previous Champions League (if they qualified). Thus the current strength should be on a par between all managers in the Champions League.


Does this look OK for you? If yes, then let’s take a better look at this part from the first sentence:

 but this has no effect on the overall chances of winning


This is not true at all and I also feel sorry to see this here because some time ago I helped on creating this and I can say that despite I took every sentence one by one I don’t remember to see this, maybe it was also my mistake not to report this or maybe it was introduced after, I have really no idea but to go back on the subject, I can prove very easy that this is affecting very much the overall chances.



  • The highest level team can achieve +1 star comparing with the rest of the teams, assuming everyone goes at 9 stars. This is a huge disadvantage and clearly would affect the winning chances. How does this has no effect on the overall chances of winning?


  •  There’s a huge differences between the amount of tokens between the 2 different levels and when I say huge I am talking about hundred of tokens and it can even pass over a thousand of tokens. For example at  level 11 you can get a squad with 11 tokens from Auction Market better then your opponent who bought a full squad from the scout list with over 700 tokens up to a thousand. How does this difference of over 700 tokens you must spend to  get an equal quality or almost has no effect on the overall chances of winning?

I only gave two strong reasons and I don’t think I need to give more because you can see that there’s nothing fair.


There are also other advantages by having a higher level then your opponents, like better facilities, etc but what’s worst is that paying real cash or spending time on completing offers for boosters or tokens might do more harm for your team by getting better opponents or same as you.


I really also don’t like this system of playing against the same quality and here I am not talking about 3,4 opponents which is really cool and good because playing only vs 2,3 stars would be also very boring and nothing fun but I can give myself as example in this case when for example last season I made a big investment, around 600-700 tokens and 200-300 green packs, it worth it because I won the treble but I ended in a Champions League where I really don’t have any chance and all the investment I made to create a 6,7 stars was basically worthless because my opponents had 7,8 stars and to get on their quality I would had to use over a thousand of tokens with no guarantee of winning the Champions League.


So then I am asking again, what’s fair in this and how the chances are equal?


  1. I just eneded my journey in season 24 … and maybe in topeleven … Champion in league, certain of victory in Cup final … but eliminated by a level 25 player in CL semifinal. How is this fair? After spending 600 tokens, 550 greens and 100 reds … this is what i get? How the hell did he ended up in our CL table? He was 25 and all the rest of us 24. And in the begining of the season i had a 2 star quality team … And about my mathces against him what is there to say? In 180 minutes he had 2 clear chances to score and he did. And my team missed a hell lot. This kinda makes me wanna quit this stupid random game…

    1. Well dude, youd better never believe te live game simulation, they all absolutely fake. So dont lose your head. Consider that simulation as a joke, so you can sit back and laugh.

      Top eleven support told me about accussion of “random” game as THE EXCITING OF THE GAME ITSELF.

      Perhaps they are refering to leicester? Or portugal? Greece? Chile? Or me? Yes, i experienced it alot 🙂

  2. Same for me last season. Won league and cup but couldnt get the trebile. I mostly do good in every season but to lose 6-0 in CL final cos opponent is far more stronger when he is lvl more ppfff totaly unfair

  3. Clearly not fair…
    I’m in level 10 competing with level 14 in CL?
    My average squad rating 101%.. their players rating 200+%.

    1. 4 levels over in Champions League? I never seen anything like that, are you sure he didn’t changed his team with a lower team? Can you show us some pictures of you and your opponent?

      If is possible please upload them on and give us the link, thank you!

  4. Hey, I’m level 6 and am in level 8 cup. With 2 +2 level guys. One of them in screenshot 1. Match screen next comment.

    It was nearly winnable, but the difficulty was way too hard. The guy wasn’t even watching his match.

  5. It sucks and totally unfair. It’s like a mirage thinking you’ll ever win the Champions league.. You’ll only end up meeting others with higher levels so it NEVER ENDS.

  6. Hi,

    to me the issue is the opposite:

    I’m level 39,3 seasons ago I experienced a +1 Ch league level i won vs higher level opponents.
    Recently I’m always placing from 2 to 4 place,so I am not eligible for +1 Ch league.

    Rather,-1 level winners,often finish in my ch league groups.
    One of these -1 level teams has an outrangeous quality (8-9 stars players),the others are maximum 4 stars
    (when i went to +1 dispatchement I avoided this monster team).

    Which is the matter? Most teams are level -1,3 stars maximum,so no issues to pass groups.
    I go on,that monster goes on ,until we face,and he wins.

    So,what about an easy Champions league I know I could never win,however?
    It’s a wasted competition (12 victories over 13 matches and no trophee at all).
    I’m not motivated at all…

    I prefer a global harder competition,where everybody
    has its chances and challenges.
    Wherever I arrive,it will be ok, as my investment are
    finalized on league essentially,the only competition
    granting you a real uplevel of manager carreer.

    Champions league and Cup are only trophees,
    League is a trophee and continuity too…

    1. I like this part very much and I agree with you:

      Champions league and Cup are only trophees,
      League is a trophee and continuity too…

      But you also have a good ponit there…

      Anyway, I wrote this because I know that sooner or later somebody from Nordeus will see this but I don’t have any expectations for an improvement sooner…

  7. I played with my team in league 6 and I was in cup level 9. In the second round I was kicked out without a chance.

    1. CUP is something else is a bit different and I think is OK to play with few levels + or – but not every season.

  8. Since day one of playing top eleven I was playing against higher levels in cup. Rules for cup draws were diferent in 2012 so my opponents were level 20 while I was level 1. They changed that later but still I was playing against 2-3 level higher teams until I finally made it to the highest level on my server. Now is diferent, all my oponents in cup are my level or 3-4 level lower. I had diferent expirience with CL. Until I get to 4 levels behind highest level it was fair for me (same level opponents) but then no matter how weak my theam was I would play with same teams in Cup and CL, horible experince. Now I am playing highest level and it is very easy to play Cup or CL (sometimes with reserves). But there is still one big problem for highest level teams (level 56 in server 1): transfer list is 3* players, for level 55 they are 4* players and for level 54 they are 5* players nordgens transfer list (that is maybe fair, but not sure). When I spend all green I shall have to quit the game because 3* transfer list 🙁

  9. i guess i’ve been lucky i never faced higher level teams in the CL .but in the cup i face each and every season 2 tier higher teams leaving me eliminated in the first round .imho it is clear to me that T11 doesnt want a player to win too much and divide the prices amongst their customer as much as possible .in other words match fixing.

    P.S. send your grieves to top eleven .might be a wake up call

  10. Champions League – should play teams from same level
    Cup – should play teams from all levels as in a real football life
    Europa League – must be created for teams placed 5,6,7, also teams from same level

    1. Relegations – 2 last teams
      Increase praises for CL, EL (tokens, busters)
      Asociatons – shut down
      Percents in game shut down, instead come back of skill points as in old version

      1. I agree at all, asociations doesnt exsists in real life and no need for this competition, better inplement Europa League competition, also skill points is better in old version of the game.
        Tarining system is cool but percents sucks

    2. There is only one league at my level, so only four teams are qualified for Champions League. We can make only group A, how would you fill others: B, C, D, E, F, G and H?

  11. It’s funny how these things happen. I’m in level 4 and we have a level 23 in our league. I’m still dumbfounded.

    1. There’s a trick there in your case, that guy who’s level 23, took over another club who was smaller level and that’s why. If you check his team level and not his manager level you will see you guys are same.

    2. Do not look at the number of his picture, look at the league level. You can be the same level or +1.

    1. Association is for fun and is clearly a success for the majority of the players. I really think is a great thing but getting trolled with stupid and unfair results after you spend a lot of time does really makes you to gave up on it.

  12. HI Admin,
    Pls I have a friend, and we’ve been on the same league since level 1, he’s been topping the league, he’s my nemesis, I’m so tired of losing 1st positions to him all season. We just finished level 3, and I really wish I don’t meet him in the same league again. So what am I gonna do about this situation? Are we on the same server? We ain’t even from the same country. Pls help needed here!

  13. hey Meša (MNK Kaskada), I don’t think they give a damn about players in high levels.
    Sorry but NTNK’s road is the only one 🙁

    About CH.L. +1 LV, my three teams (lv6, 11, 23) are playing in a higher lv CH.L. this season.
    Coincidence ? Of course not.
    A new trick to spend some extra ?
    yea, very possible.

    1. This is clearly not a coincidence and is something that Top Eleven is forcing you to do which is quite sad. I hope they will rethink this and change it back.

  14. Hi Admin,

    easy question :
    how to avoid the giant teams in the league, please answer??

  15. “how to avoid the giant teams in the league, please answer??”
    if they are friends of yours, “unfriend” them.
    they attract you in their league.

  16. hey admin, thanks for the info about top eleven? I also have the same problem. but if I had a problem in a league . four seasons I faced an opponent with 7 star quality club(123%) while the club I have only 5 star quality club(98%). and I think this is not fair. whether it has a lot of influence token opponent club level and how to avoid a clubwith a high level. thanks admin i hope your answer question me. im from indonesian

  17. My Assosiation’s Captain was facing +2 in CL and Cup for 5 months! (Maybe this month also.)
    Yes, he has *8 every season.
    When his enemy has *7 player/s, it means he facing 9* player/s!
    Where is the “but this has no effect on the overall chances of winning”? NOTHING!

  18. Nu cred ca e fair-play sa joci impotriva unui level mai mare….cum….nu inteleg de ce celor care se decid sa nu leveleasca (asezandu-si un sezon jucatorii aiurea pe teren) nu li se scade 20%…asa….ma trezesc in campionat cu indivizi care incep cu peste 120% calitate medie…
    De asemenea, zic ca ar trebui oferiti si tokeni celor care castiga un trofeu….si…retrogradati in level inferior ultimile locuri…
    Are multe lucruri pe care ar putea sa le imbunatateasca jocul….La urma urmei e doar un joc….de asta e posibil ca dupa un meci in care un jucator iese omul meciului, inscrie gol sau goluri….acesta trece de la moral superb la moral foarte bun….sau….un jucator cu conditie 99% si moral superb intra pe teren si se accidenteaza in 3 minute….

  19. I face it now. And after thise season i will uninstall T11 .T11 is total unaware that they decide what to do with other peoples money im not a big spender in this game but some are which is totally up to anyone self. If a team faces a higher tier team in the cl. Is totally unfair coz that team is much beter my team. Is. 112. Compare to another 144 impossible to win so why do i have to continue this game

    T11 I salute you after 3 years enjoying this. Game.

  20. I sold my team and uninstalled the game i disagree with the impossible to win policy from T11
    i asked them get higher tier levels they replied in real is the same got good teams and weaker teams this is incorrect in real life each and every team can sign any player in T11 not only scout players so IMO its unfair to play 3star scout team in The cl

  21. Won with a higher level opponent with like 110+, with me 92% being my team3-1 their team,won CL and was very surprising

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