Challenge U23

Around two weeks ago Top Eleven released a brand new feature called Young Prospect Challenge and it was a success.Young Prospect Challenge is only the first one from many more to come and one of the great things at these challenges is that they are actually rewarded with tokens by Top Eleven.

Each competition will have it’s own rules but also some general rules.

Young Prospect Challenge
This was the first challenge and as far as I could see notice people quite enjoyed this and shared a lot of pictures during the challenge.

If you actually missed this competition don’t worry to much because sooner or later for sure at some point this competition will repeat.


  • win one point for each goal scored by any of your players U2
  • you compete only with managers from your league
  • you must win at least one point in order to qualify for rewards
  • challenge holds for six league games

As an idea, all these challenges would be set for a period of six days and as far as I can see this is one of the general rules of the challenge competition.

We took part to the first competition and it was a lot of fun. Sadly we only ended on second place with 19 goals and one the first place it was SeLocan FC who nailed the challenge by scoring 25 goals giving us no chance.

I don’t want to get to much in details and to look for pros and cons because all together I really liked what I saw so far but my only suggestion would be to have this challenge following only one U23 player because would actually be more fair but even as it is now it was very nice so Top Eleven have a big thump up from our website.


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