Challenge Super Subs

Super Substitute is the second challenge from Top Eleven and will start in less then two days.

If you got tired of waiting then no worries because it’s just moment till we will go for our second challenge this season and it might be a even better and harder one.

Super Substitute Challenge
This new challenge would clearly be harder then the first one because will force you to risk more by playing more with your substitutions.


  • win one point for each goal scored by any of your substitutions
  • you compete only with managers from your league
  • you must win at least one point in order to qualify for rewards
  • challenge holds for six league games


  • If you want to score more goals with your substitutions you can actually trick a bit the system by placing your best scorers on substitutions list and add them right after the game starts but remember to do this only when you have games that you are more then sure that you will win them because otherwise it might not worth it and you can lose important points in your fight for the title.
  • As another idea you can start by having two of your best players on the substitution list which you can add right after the game start and keep one extra substitution, the 3rd one just in case of an injury or red card if you plan to change the tactic.


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