SAs Free Kick& Corners!

Let’s go, after 3 seasons with Strikers challanges -so many of you got the chance to earn points and win Tokens- with a different challange that will give you the option to compete with 2 kinds of players, so, you can select to compete in this challange:
1- a player, with Free Kick Specialist Special Ability
2- a player, with Corner Specialist Special Ability

You can select a player, of any position but the criteria to at least claim rewards, is that he have to have one of these 2 SAs trained.

The pointing system is the following:
In both Special Abilities, MotM 5 points

FKs Specialis
goals 3 points – assists 1 point
Corner Specialist
assists 3 points – goals 1 point

In case that a player have the 2 SAs –
2 points per goal, 2 points per assists-

Think well, who compete to represent your Club managers, we will keep this thread with a Register Period to join the challange, until the day 10-13 of the current season aprox.
You can change the player before the Register period is closed.

Once season is over the best 3 Players will earn as reward for their clubs, 50-40 and 30 Tokens respectively.

Good Luck Managers! 

The last seasonal challange winners- Abbas, Ikatsunagi and WiseSif -can’t claim rewards this season.



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