Have you ever wondered how was the game before all these updates and before Mourinho became the […]
This post is about the forum in general and not about the game but remains very important […]
Christmas and New Year might be over but not here because we still have one more […]
2016 is right behind the corner so does Top Eleven 2016 from my sources but until […]
It’s time for Christmas and holidays in Top Eleven so let’s see together what can we win in the […]
If not long time ago I suggested a smart bot system for the league, I think […]
A new idea that might make the game more dynamic from many points of view and […]
Everyday I see same question about the negotiation system: How to put my player on the negotiation […]
Few days ago we had the honor to get for free a nice gift from Nordeus […]
World Cup 2014 was a special event even in Top Eleven because it came with new […]