And…. this could be a simplified recap:   But let’s explain what we’ve been doing the […]
“Naaaants ingonyamaaa bagithi babaaa…” Inspirational song to feel the ambient LOL:   Hi all, here Khris […]
Happy to announce that domain and hosting have been renew for at least one more year!
From today you will be able to fully customize your football kit, including the water bottle!
It’s time to meet the managers behind FC Felipianos and FC Canaka!
This year started with a rain of jerseys in Top Eleven!
If you are a DISCORD user now you can join this new community!
Live Chat was always something that Top Eleven missed it but is here now! 
Palestinian nationality is not in-game but I strongly believe that it should be there.
Another great manager made it into “MEET THE MANAGERS” and he is one of a kind!
If you are very curious about how is gonna look the newest version of the game, […]