BvB the most popular Top Eleven team from USA. Find out who’s the manager behind this great team!

We are sure about one thing, this is a special team because the manager is a girl and we think she is the best Top Eleven girl manager ever.

We took her an interview to find more about her and her team.

Admin: How you found Top Eleven?
BvB:  A good friend sent me an invitation.


Admin: What you like at Top Eleven?
BvB: I like competing with other managers.



Admin:  What’s the worst thing at Top Eleven?
BvB: The worst are troll results!



Admin: Why the name BvB?
BvB: That is easy, I fell in love with the black and yellow when I was a kid watching them on t.v.What else could I call me team?



Admin: What’s your favorite formation?
BvB: 3 2 3 1 1 Maple Leaf or switch AMC for DC and move up wingers; also the last couple seasons I have played narrow, 4 2 1 2 1 with some success.



Admin: What’s your favorite special ability?
BvB: My GK has to have 1vs,1 Stopper.



Admin: What’s your favorite feature in Top Eleven?
BvB: That’s tough one, I will say the history/overview.



Admin: Arrows or not?
BvB:  Since I only use a few formations lately I use arrows when I want to try to counter.



Admin: Defensiv or Atacking team mentality?
BvB: Defensive!


(BvB Team Orders)

BvB won over 40 trophies and 29 of them are 1st (League, Cup and Champions League)

You can follow BvB on forum in their official corner at this link: .




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