BvB – USA Team

BvB the most popular Top Eleven team from USA. Find out who’s the manager behind this great team!

We are sure about one thing, this is a special team because the manager is a girl and we think she is the best Top Eleven girl manager ever.

We took her an interview to find more about her and her team.

Admin: How you found Top Eleven?
BvB:  A good friend sent me an invitation.


Admin: What you like at Top Eleven?
BvB: I like competing with other managers.



Admin:  What’s the worst thing at Top Eleven?
BvB: The worst are troll results!



Admin: Why the name BvB?
BvB: That is easy, I fell in love with the black and yellow when I was a kid watching them on t.v.What else could I call me team?



Admin: What’s your favorite formation?
BvB: 3 2 3 1 1 Maple Leaf or switch AMC for DC and move up wingers; also the last couple seasons I have played narrow, 4 2 1 2 1 with some success.



Admin: What’s your favorite special ability?
BvB: My GK has to have 1vs,1 Stopper.



Admin: What’s your favorite feature in Top Eleven?
BvB: That’s tough one, I will say the history/overview.



Admin: Arrows or not?
BvB:  Since I only use a few formations lately I use arrows when I want to try to counter.



Admin: Defensiv or Atacking team mentality?
BvB: Defensive!


BvB won over 40 trophies and 29 of them are 1st (League, Cup and Champions League)

You can follow BvB on forum in their official corner at this link: .



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