Biggleswade United – In the shop

Few days ago we had the honor to get for free a nice gift from Nordeus and more exactly Biggleswade United jerseys but what about the emblem? When we can get their emblem?    

Well if we are looking on what Top Eleven did before is very possible to have Biggleswade United in the shop very sooner.

Some of you might remember the old gifts from Mourinho, a special emblem and also the 5 years anniversary gifts. Items which have been added in Club Shop not longer after they gifted them to us.

I am not 100% sure if they will do it but I think yes and regarding the time they will add them, still I can’t be sure but I suspect sooner then we expect.


Regarding the prices they should not be so expensive because they are not official items, they are counted as premium items only.

The emblem should not exceed 50 tokens but I guess it will be sold for around 30-40 not more and the jerseys up to 25 but not more.

If you are wondering if they will be free to be sent we can only say YES! because they are premium items not official items, so you should not worry to much. You will be able to send them as gift without buying tokens with cash like is on the official items.


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