Biggleswade United – In the game

As I predicted some time ago we will have the jerseys of Biggleswade United but I cannot be 100% sure for their emblem.      

Two months ago I posted this article about Biggleswade United a team from England sponsored by Top Eleven.

Today Top Eleven started a great challenge and the rewards are just great, Biggleswade official jerseys but they don’t say anything regarding the emblem.

Here’s the official announce:

“Top Eleven is the official jersey sponsor of English club Biggleswade United. Support the club to help UNLOCK the home and away Biggleswade United jerseys for FREE. FOLLOW @TopEleven on Twitter NOW to unlock them! 100,000 NEW FOLLOWERS = HOME JERSEY. 150,000 NEW FOLLOWERS = AWAY JERSEY.”

I am not sure how many followers they got so far but doesn’t matter because more then sure even if they won’t hit the target they will still offer the jerseys.

Anyway,  it would be very great if you will FOLLOW them because they have many great things there.

If you are wondering how you will be able to claim the rewards you should not be to worried because everyone should be able to do it. Tomorrow after 12 (GMT) I predict, everyone will get the jerseys as reward and all what you will have to do is to accept them. They should be available in CLUB SHOP / STORAGE as gifts.


Regarding the emblem I am not 100% but is very possible to be added on sale for tokens but I am not sure when this is gonna happen.

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