We finally manage to finish the extraction of the winners from our biggest contest we ever held on our social media accounts.

Before I would announce the winners I would like to thank you all for the great support you showed us during the holidays.


Below we have the full list of the winners and what everyone won at our contest, take your time and check if you are on the list:






1st. Chanon Saelee – Real Life Top Eleven Jersey
2nd Mihai Potoroaca – Sporting Official Jerseys and Emblem
3rd Hugo Burgos – 50 tokens redeem code
4th Mohamed Harby – 50 tokens redeem code
5th Wayne Walker – 25 tokens redeem code
6th Noel Bunte – Biggleswade Official Full Kit
7th Mihaita Iordache – HashTag United Official Full kit
8th Танасија Танацковић – Any premium emblem
9th Rafal Nasalski – Any premium emblem
10th Krzysztof Stefanik – Any premium jersey
11th Omar Mohamud – Any premium jersey


In less then 48 hours I would contact all of you and you would have up to 7 days to redeem your rewards otherwise the reward  would be permanently lost.


If you were unlucky and you haven’t won do not be sad because we are ready to start new contests very sooner.


Once again, thank you all for the great support and I wish you all many good seasons in Top Eleven during 2017!


  1. I shared on Facebook and commented on it and I even loved it on Facebook. I then came back here and commented and I got nothing. While the first person just shared the link on his Facebook page only and won. Come on. How long are you going to keep us from wining.

  2. If you were unlucky and you haven’t won do not be sad because we are ready to start new contests very sooner. Naaa it’s not true and we will not win again and again and again till this website is closed down and all our time we spent with you will be useless.

    1. Thanks for contacting us. Well with you there are around 400 more people who didn’t won at our contest. I am sorry but I am alone, just as you I am a player, all I share with others I could easy use for me but I said to do something nice and help others.

      I know that I would never be able to please everyone because that’s life but nothing to do. I did my best.

      From my side, feel free to contact all the winners and ask them if our contests are legit or not, 100% they will confirm you that yes, more then this they can also confirm you that we never spoke before, ain’t a big secret.

      http://www.topeleven.info provide good quality content so please do not call us liars for not knowing the truth.

      Best regards,

  3. Same here Orlova on promise of tokens I liked you on FB shared it and got nothing in return. Poor PR

    1. everybody who is complaining:

      It is a contest! there are winners and there are losers. that is the point of a contest! Do not complain if you did not won! If you had read, you could see that Orlova said that there would be 11 winners. They would randomly be chosen! I am not complaining because I did not win. I want to win as much you guys want. I did not win, but I am not complaining. You can see that in the list with winners.

      Best Regards, and much luck next time,

      Tomás Frinking

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