The Benefactor achievement can be one of the hardest achievement as long many of you aren’t willing to spend money for games.

Spending own money is a free choice and is something we don’t want to commend but some “mistake” from Top Eleven brought in our attention that technically you should be able to unlock the Benefactor achievement without spending 1$.

Sadly I can’t guarantee you that this would work 100% but if you do what I say, technically Top Eleven should provide you this achievement.

Be aware that we already reported this so called “exploit” so is very likely that Top Eleven developers would decide to do something about it to clarify everything.

As I suppose you already know to unlock the Benefactor achievement according to description “Send an official item as a gift” you basically only need to gift an official jersey or emblem but yes, in order to do gift an official item you should buy tokens, at least as much as the item worth but seems that Top Eleven made a sloppy mistake when they classified some items as official.

If you visit the Club Shop and check the official items you can find some unexpected items there like Hashtag United or Biggleswade United emblem.

Now, if you would gift one of those items you wouldn’t receive the achievement but if you would screen shoot the whole deal or even better video record it and contact the support team they should be able to unlock the achievement for you as long you technically did everything it has been requested.

Hasthag United FC emblem – 30 tokens
Biggleswade United FC emblem – 30 tokens

Again, I cannot guarantee you that this would work for sure but it worth a shoot from you and for sure in a way or another would have an impact into the game.



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