Benefactor – Achievement

Is not really hard to get this achievement but is a rare one because you can do it only if you are ready to use spend cash.  

In order to unlock this achievement you must do one thing, send an official item to a friend but to unlock the option to send official items you must buy tokens with real cash for at least same value as the item you wish to send.

It doesn’t matter if is an emblem or jersey, any official item gifted will unlock your achievement.

benefactor (1)

We have also a video for you, showing how you can send official items. Once you did that, the achievement will be automatically unlocked for Top Eleven account.




  1. Hi
    If this is entirely true, I should have received this achievements as I sent the Biggle FC Logo to an ingame friend.
    Is this an exception or a mistake ?
    Thanks for your time, love this game

  2. Hello, I bought Tokens and I send now twice an emblem to a friend. But I didn’t receive an Achievement, csn you look into this. Thanks

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