Can you beat the best four teams from the World Cup 2018 and prove that you are better?

In the latest challenge from Top Eleven you can play against last four teams from World Cup: England, Belgium, Croatia & France for a great change to win some amazing rewards.


  • 2 tokens (beat England)
  • 5 green boosters (beat Belgium)
  • 15 green boosters (beat Croatia)
  • 35 tokens + Premium Jersey (beat France)


  • You play this competition with your Top Eleven club.
  • These matches will impact upon players condition
  • A victory unlocks the next round
  • The competition restarts from the round one following a defeat.
  • You have unlimited free retries on this competition.
  • The competition can only be completed once.
  • A player can be injured and receive cards on these matches.
  • Suspensions don’t apply from one match to another.
  • You only earn rewards the first time you progress.

A quick video preview of the challenge:

A pretty interesting challenge but thinking you have to face eventually a team with up to 50% more then you, like in my case 51.6% I am not so sure it worth. Technically I should be able to beat such a team but thinking is Top Eleven I will do my best to win this challenge if is possible.

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