Auto Substitutions in Top Eleven 2016

It’s time to talk about one the most annoying and useless thing in Top Eleven 2016 and I hope for a change ASAP.                  


You must know that in Top Eleven 2016 you can not choose the substitutions if you are not in a live match and just as I said this is something that can be very annoying.


In case of an injury if you are not online at the game, the system will choose for you and this is a big mistake, at least from my point of view but I think I have a very argument to change the system. with the old one.


First of all, we are still divided by 2 versions of the game, the old one and the current one so which of them the system is following? I will be honest, I didn’t had time to check and thinking that last season I didn’t had such a big number of injuries and so far I had only one player injured, it might take sometimes to see the result.
If I don’t attend at my game and I am playing the old version where I’ve set my auto substitutions the game will follow the old version settings or will be guided by the new version and he will do what he thinks is better for me?




As you can see in the picture above, the game will decide for you what’s best for your team but the question is simple, how does he knows what’s better for my team? I assume that he is following some statistics for the players, like quality; notes; condition and moral, etc but how does he can understand my team’s future plans ?



Here’s my question for Top Eleven developers: How do you know what are my plans for that player and how do you know if I want to save his condition and moral for the next game?



The new system isn’t something useful and very rudimentary, is just a regress and not a progress and here are some risks:

  1. Injury a player you want to save for some important game. (Just tell me how would you feel if you try to save a very important player for a CL final but the game decided to use him in the semi-final and he will get injured in this time and you would not have enough boosters to recover him until the game)
  2. The condition and the moral of a player you are trying to save. (Same issue again, the game can’t know our resources and if we can recover him or not for the next game)
  3. Booked player. (This is the worst and it actually happened to me few seasons ago, I’ve tried to save a player for Cup final, I’ve used him as a sub. but because one of my players got injured he made it to the game because that’s what the game decided and guess what? Only 2 minutes after he got a direct red… He was by far my best player. Lucky for me I won the final so I didn’t made any complain at that moment).



Starting for the idea that one of the strongest-points of the new training system is freedom and the possibility to focus exactly on what attributes you want I keep own opinion and call this a regress.


I really hope that Top Eleven developers will see this article and answer and share their own point of view or better for all of us, coming back to the old substitution system.


I also create a poll where you can vote and share your opinion with us.


What auto-substitution system do you prefer?

The old system!
The new system!



  1. Dear

    Great site is yours ! I like it a lot.

    As you know we can still use old version to play, prepare, power train, etc. So it is possible to decide for auto-substitution. Reverse of the medal, since Nordeus introduce this new version, I did forgot some matches unfortunelly and in some one of my players were injured. He was MC and I pre-ordered in case of injury to be substituted by another one MC. Finally Nordeus decided to enter a MR instead !!!

    It can explain even if old version is yet accessible and playable, Nordeus don’t take into consideration anymore this old facility. In the meanwhile, when I made different orders, free-kicks players… in the new version… I saw into the old one, everything changes were there !

    For other facts, my feeling is different of yours ! Why ?

    I think it is fair to advantage a lot active and live match managers. New bonus till 10% is an evolving situation. You manage to drive your team in live match… +8%. Etc. So far, if you are missing one full day, I think fair you are less advantage than the other managers that are here !

    1- You told about important next match. Nordeus made you a bad trip. Sure. Why don’t let him in the last 4 places (out of possible substitution) ? Maybe you had only 18 players.

    2- Same answer !

    3- Same answer !

    For me, it is important Nordeus decided to come back to old substitution version for sure and in all case to respect our old version orders ! This issue can be patch being carefully about how to place in our team the players we need to protect.

    Best regards,
    Season 39, League 38, 4 CL, 10 Cup, 18 League

    1. Yes you have a good point, you can leave him out of last 4 but maybe you want to save even more of them, I know people who use a very big rotation of players, using almost 2 teams so for them is quite impossible to save the exactly players you need. Is just less freedom for your team.

      1. Thanks for explanation.

        I don’t think my arguments sold every troubles. I just think some of them can be released thanks to this opportunity.
        Not everyone can follow this line. Sure.

        Whatever we can opposite to this situation… only substitution managed (not automatic) is the perfect way if Nordeus would really like to approach reality 🙂

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