Auction Market Filter – Bring it back!

An important option that’s missing in the new version of Top Eleven 2016 is filter and devs. should bring back this option.     


People already started to complain on forum because this option is missing in the new version of Top Eleven and this is not something impossible or something that the game developers can’t do.


I agree that it might not be as easier as it looks because you will need more space but there can be solutions for everything.

Here’s a picture with the filter for the players in the old version of the game.


It was a good option because it could save you a lot of time and also make it more visible what you was looking for.


These are the options provided by the filter:

  1. Experience: The most tricky option hidden in the game and you will be super surprised to see that not many managers used that option. In fact, it doesn’t look really much like an option.
  2. Quality: With one simple click you could focus just on what quality you wanted from 3 to 5 stars.
  3. Position: Super great option especially if you had a big transfer list.
  4. Special ability: Again like on the rest, with one click you could remove the majority of the players and leave there only what you wanted, the players with a special ability.


Maybe for developers and some others or even for some players this might not be really something super important but is really useful and for sure it will be something positive for 2016 version of the game.

One comment

  1. This is very important and is one of the reasons I still use the old version. I couldn’t imagine what it would be in the first day of the season without those filters.
    A step back 🙁

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