Because many of you have no idea from where the points come in Associations, I’ve prepared for you a special tutorial that will help you.                                                                                           


For today I’ve prepared you a tutorial from the official support page of Nordeus, a page full of good information and very smart designed so every manager can understand the tutorials and guides.





What are divisions and how do they work

There are 10 divisions in Top Eleven’s Associations: 3 Bronze divisions, 3 Silver divisions, 3 Gold divisions and 1 Platinum.
Each division has a number of points required to either stay in it or to get promoted to it.

Associations receive a number of points when they play in a tournament:
– 3 points for every match won by any member of the Association
– 1 point for every match drawn by any member of the Association


And also some extra points depending on the position the Association finished the tournament:
– 1st place: 50 points
– 2nd place: 25 points
– 3rd place: 10 points


When a season ends, your association can stay in the same division, be promoted or be demoted depending on the number of points you earned. This will have an impact on your rewards, as staying in a division or being promoted grants all association members some Tokens. And reaching the highest division (Platinum) earns each member 100 tokens!


Before the beginning of a new season, all associations lose 20% of their points.


Remember: There are no rewards if your association is demoted.


25 Responses

  1. Hey, I haven’t joined an association yet. Now what if I get invited by an already promoted association can I like join that??

  2. I want for future updates to create a own league or cup and to create a nationale team and give 5 token every month

  3. great! BTW wanna know when is the next competition coming?? Hoping for something “Arsenal” this time 🙂

  4. One off the association game remained at min87 blocked….but i allready had another game after and couldnt play IT…now i can click on that game and play from Min 87 only nothing happens…why?….please help me

    • Hello Marian, it’s a very well known bug, you can’t do very much, only to wait till you will get the result.

  5. But if this is the first season of association, how come some associations are already on Bronze level 2

  6. We play this week the Association tournament and all my team managers won the matches first day we got only 6 points for captain only why others, instead of 36 points we got 6only pls fix it that issue, Our Association name is “SOMALI POWER”.

  7. I need active member in my association if not be a winner beside a friend won a fixture with 16 goals, 10 from and other is 7-1 real quality

  8. Hello.
    Could you please explain more to me about pointing system?
    I tried to calculate based on your explanation above but it seems not really right.
    Last week, my association has 1174 pts, we won the semi-final with 24 pts and won the final with 23 pts. So if follow your formula, we will have 1174 + 24 + 23 + 50 (extra pts) = 1271 pts. But we only have 1237 pts now. If it still not counted the extra pts, why we had 16 pts more?

    Thank you for your support.

  9. Je gagne des matchs mais les points ne s’affichent pas.. Normal?
    PS: je viens de créer mon association

  10. I’m not sure individual points are added. My association finished first in the most recent tournament but only 50 pts were added.
    What about the points for wins and draws

  11. I was champion at the league and my association was the top 5 we gone to 1gold division we had to earn 50tokens but I didn’t receive it I have photos to prove

  12. I was champion at the league and my association was the top 5 we gone to 1gold division we had to earn 50tokens but I didn’t receive it I have photos to prove

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