Associations – First review

Now that we finished with success our first experience in the Associations tournament is time for a quick review of our experience.                                                                                             


Yesterday we finished with success our first tournament and more thanks to my team mates because in the final I’ve lost both games, hell ya!


All together for me it was better then I could expected and there was a lot of fun and emotions.




The Semi-Finals were very easy and we didn’t encountered any issues, we qualified even from the first round but after the first round in the final we had the same numbers of points and the final games kept all of us connected till very end  when we won our first tournament in the last game.



For us it was a great experience and we can’t wait to play in the next tournament at the end of the week.




The classic trolling results but I assume we will always have them. Anyway except this I don’t have anything else in my mind.


Chat – It was very useful, especially because some of the managers from my association are not friends on Facebook.

Loan – Despite the player  didn’t played as I expected I don’t think it was the game fault in general, just that player was bad. Anyway, I am pretty sure that for many managers this option was very, very useful.

Match Time – Having the option to control your match time is a very good thing especially if is for free.

User Interface – Easy to navigate, very detailed, perfect!

Auto-Support – Another cool thing, auto-support for your friends.

Game System – Easy and simple, in one word, perfect!

Number of Matches – It’s always nice to have extra matches, especially if your team is not losing condition, moral and players can’t get injured.



But maybe the best part of the Associations is that Top Eleven finally managed somehow to create communities and keep the managers connected. A lot of friendships among Top Eleven have been created these days and more will come for sure.


Some of my old friends started to play again thanks to this update, because they can share their experience now with their best friends which is something great.


      1. Aici ai dreptate, am castigat cupa dinaia am spun asta :))

        Am vrut sa ma las dar am nivel prea mare sa ma las, acum daca a aparut asociatiile nu ma mai las, am nivel 51 dar sunt la sezonul 64 puteam sa fiu nivel 64……. :))

  1. Hi,

    I noticed some weak points more !

    1- The most important from my point of view. Sneak peaks… Nordeus gave information little by little and so far, Nordeus didn’t explain an important point. Difference between 4-5-6 managers team associated. Was it only a 4 matchs opposition and others are resting ? Was it another thing ? Finally we discover in live 6 teams associations got a BIG advantage both in Top 100 division ranking AND in Worldwide Top 11 ranking. Those as mine with 4 managers only started this new competition with a lake of equility.

    2- In live association match, there is a pop-up for every association friends’ matchs. If it is a good idea as we don’t need to check, the pop-up is TOO BIG. If you are playing an intensive match where destiny didn’t yet make its office or if you are in difficulties, it is not helpfull because it give you an attention on it , not on your match. And it doesn’t allow you to easy make changes due to the pop-up very intrusive. If Nordeus could lower it in the field, it would be the perfect answer !

    3- It is not possible to support our friends in other associations.


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