Associations – All you need to know

This is gonna be a long thread where I will tell you all you need to know about the latest feature Associations.                    

OK guys we finally have the latest feature available and seems to be a very nice update.


I am pretty sure that you have a lot of questions so I am gonna try to answer you on as many questions as possible but if you have more feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to answer you back.


After a pretty long period from the launching of the announcement of the associations we finally have it and to be honest from main aspects is better then what I expected so I am very please about the final result.


First thing you need to know is that if you want to join an association and be part of the new feature you must have at least level 5 on the new training system but that’s not a big deal and with the 50 green packs as a gift from Nordeus once you finish the tutorial you should not encounter any problem on reaching level 5.
Before I start to talk more, I prepared for you a video to show you how to join but more important, how to leave the association because I’ve seen a lot of people confused already and some of them asked us even here.

If you plan to create a new Association all you have to do is to choose a name, description, country, emblem, type and home match time.


There is a total of 72 emblems for the association logo and you really have from where to choose but maybe the most important thing when you create an association is the Home Match Time, this option allows you to decided by yourself when you want to have your first game and this is pretty cool because you can control a very important thing. Be sure you talk with all the managers before you set the time. (Homr Match Time is related to your device hour)


At any time you can edit the association details by going to “My Association” from the lower corner in the right side, then next to your association emblem you have a pen that allows you to edit everything as you please.


You can only be in one Association at the time and is very important, once the tournament started and you are registered, you can’t leave the Association during this period and I think this is a very smart thing because otherwise we might end with a lot of forfeit games.
To start a tournament and this is very important you need at least 4 managers in your Association but you can add even more, up to 6 as backups just in case some of you can’t play you can choose somebody else.


The good part is that all managers are equal no matter their level, a 5 stars players for level 5 is same as a 5 stars players for level 50, their quality is counted by how many stars they have and not by their quality per level because in this way you are free to group with any manager no matter of what is his level.


The tournaments will be only during weekends because in this period the managers are more relaxed and usually they have more fun for something like this but another very important thing that you need to know is that in the last of the season things will be a bit different, the tournament will be on Friday and Saturday to avoid some problems like: players going out of contract, selling-buying new players for the new season, etc but to make it more clearly I made you the schedule per season.


Week 1 – Saturday (Semi-Finals)
Week 1 – Sunday (Finals)


Week 2 – Saturday (Semi-Finals)
Week 2 – Sunday (Finals)


Week 3 – Saturday (Semi-Finals)
Week 3 – Sunday (Finals)


Week 4 – Friday (Semi-Finals)
Week 4- Saturday (Finals)


As you’ve seen in the first day of the tournament you will play the semi-finals and in the second day you will play the final game.


PS: Yellow and Red Cards don’t carry from Semi-Finals to Finals so you don’t need to worry if you get a red card during a game.

I’m pretty sure that some of you are scared about the numbers of game you will have to play and you might be scared because you don’t have to many boosters but no worries because another very important and good aspect of the feature is that you don’t lose condition, moral and also no injured players (they can get injured during the game but after that they will be healed) .


You can also improve your bonus by co-working with other managers on short training sessions who are also for free but you can do it only once per day during the tournament.


Loaning players is also a brand new feature in Top Eleven, you can loan up to 3 players. You can also put your players available for loan but remember that you can’t do it if you don’t have more then 14 players in your squad.
As Loan the Chat is also a new function and can be used only between the managers of an association, you also have more tabs so you don’t mix your conversations and I think is pretty cool and also a very good idea.


You believe it or not, there are also tokens as rewards and guess what? You can win up to 100 tokens per tournament season!


– Promoting to (or staying in) Bronze Division 2: 2 Tokens
– Promoting to (or staying in) Bronze Division 1: 4 Tokens
– Promoting to (or staying in) Silver Division 3: 7 Tokens
– Promoting to (or staying in) Silver Division 2: 10 Tokens
– Promoting to (or staying in) Silver Division 1: 15 Tokens
– Promoting to (or staying in) Gold Division 3: 20 Tokens
– Promoting to (or staying in) Gold Division 2: 30 Tokens
– Promoting to (or staying in) Gold Division 1: 50 Tokens
– Promoting to (or staying in) Platinum Division: 100 Tokens


Captain and Vice-captain attributes in the Association:


Captain attributes: He can do everything what he please.
Vice captain attributes: Remove members; promote others to vice-captain, customise the association, edit the emblem, description and name, choose home match time, add members.



If you have more question, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible.


  1. I mada one
    it’s easy, the only thing you must be careful is not to make it open because then everybody who spot your ass. can be a member.
    And btw , if you ‘re the captain and an (unknown) member join your ass. but he isn’t active, can you ban him ?

    1. You can’t ban a member from the group as far as I know so yea this can be a pain in the ass if you let the group settings on OPEN. He can join over and over again. The only option you have are promote and kick out.

      1. We have a 3/members what never turn up and watch train or give bonuses how can we other 3/members move them out thanks

    1. I have a friend in association football group who’s team are rubbish if I kick him out will he know it was me?

  2. I think you can kick a player when you dont want them on your team. Go to My association-Overview-Members-You should see 3 dots to the right of a member, press that and it should give you an option to kick out. Then change your settings to join by request and you should be good.

  3. Can a loaned player be used to play leagues, cup and champions league and also how long can they be loaned for?

  4. I read this guide and FAQ from official Top Eleven site, but still can’t understand one thing: my association has 6/6 members, so how we will play against other managers? I mean we will get as opponents only associations with 6 members too or only 4 teams from 6 will play? Weekend’s semifinals and final it’s always 4v4 or not? On screenshotes from official site I can see only 4 matches, 2 per manager – home and guest.

    And also I understand what my players can’t be injured after association’s games, but can I get injure during match? Will I need stay few good players for rotation if that happens or I just can help my friends and loan them some good players?

    1. Not 100% sure about the system but no, all will play and at the end the Associations with the most victories out of 6 will qualify for the final. In total I think there will be 4 Associations.

      A, B, C and D.

      Members of A will play against members of B and the winner team will play in the final.
      Members of C will play against members of D and the winner team will play in the final.

      The losers will play for 3rd place in other final.

    1. Let’s say you play in an Association of 4 members vs another one of 4 members.

      The best of your Association will play against the best of the opponents associations.
      Second best of your Association will be against second best of the opponents associations.

      And so on till the last one.

        1. If there are 6 in an Association they will play all 6 vs another Association who have 6 managers.

      1. Stars percentage are judged on the squad or starting 11 before being paired with opposition team? Like my team isnt that good and i always get paired with the best rating team, which mostly results in a draw but my team members loses their match. (plays in gold division iii)

  5. If I am to loan players to the association on a Tuesday, will the player be available to play in my league games during the rest of the week till the weekend or will be player be gone the moment I loan him to the association?

    1. Yes, everything you do in Association, stay in Association, same like with Las Vegas 😀

      1. I and one friend with 108+111 power ? and the chef of associations is 39 he has from Longtime did not play the topeleven
        We are now in gold 3 level
        What should I do
        Start from zero!!!!!

  6. yes, finally you can ban a team from the group if you ‘re the Captain (or Vice Captain).

  7. Does a loaned player will gain experience and improve his caracterisics when he will play for the association?

  8. Will players gain experience as result of association matches?

    My strong assumption would be yes, but based on your *NO* answer re: “Does a loaned player will gain experience and improve his characterisics when he will play for the association?”I am wondering

    1. No, you don’t anything that helps directly your team, neither you don’t lose. If yes, I think would be unfair for those who don’t want to join this tournaments.

      1. Hmm disagree some bit. What is the point of the association then? Winning 2T here or there? They should provide a real incentive for managers to care about Associates and their team improving would be one notable one. Otherwise it is just a time sink.

        1. Well 2 tokens is better then nothing don’t you think? I mean you don’t need to do very much and yea if you are good you can win up to 100 tokens per tournament, I think is enough.

  9. When you win a match in association, do you get a monetary reward for each win or only if your association wins the tournament?

  10. Still not clear from your answer whether loaned players are available for league, cup and champions league matches. If I loan a player, does he stay in my squad or not?

    1. No he don’t stay. He will play for the team where here is loaned.

      PS: You can use him only for associations games and not for Champions League, League or Cup.

  11. Like the association match are in same time for all the teams.. if i loan a players to someone, this player will be available for my team?

  12. Ok so now I know that the answers given above are bullshit.
    The real answer is: If someone in your association takes your player on loan, that player will actually still be in your squad, and he will still play for you. It just happened to me – a player from my squad who someone took on loan for association matches just played in my champions league match.

    1. Dude that’s what he’s been telling you the entire time.
      If YOU are the one loaning a player, the player will compete in league, cup, and champions league for YOU but will NOT compete in the associations match for your team.
      However, if you are the one who took a player on loan, you can ONLY use him in the associations match, but not in any other competition.

    1. Depending on what place you finish you get some points, up to 50 points and yea before, you get 3 points for each victory and 1 for a draw, nothing if you lose.

  13. Hi I would like to know if is possible to change captain in an association (of course he agrees with that) and how. Many thanks

  14. Hallo I would like to know if an association can change captain and how to do (of course he agrees with that)

  15. How do I retrieve a player that was loaned out? Want him for next association match but his status still shows as on loan

        1. Still can’t see the picture, try to upload the picture on and send me the link.

          1. This made everything much easier now. OK, is very easy. Go to Associations – My ssociation – Loan – Give Players (the upper tab from the right side) and then you have your players with red, just press the X and then choose the Recall option.


  16. So much confusion over simple questions, and so much misinformation. Why don’t you put clear answers in the guidance notes, instead of directing people to YouTube videos?

    1. Maybe because video tutorials are actually better?

      And yea I can’t always put simple answer, sometimes I must get a bit more in details because a question can have multiple parts and answers.

      Anyway, thanks for comment!

  17. Despite the fact that I like the new feature so far(Associations), there are some things that I don’t like: the rewards are not too atractive, and if someone says:” You can get 100 tokens if you are good”, but this will happen in best case scenario 10 months later, because you are promoting to the next associations level at the end of the season.
    But if my association would have over 250 points after this 3 tournaments that were played in the first season, I would be promoted to Bronze 2 or to Bronze 1? Would be normal to be promoted in Bronze 1.

    And one more thing: even the condition dropped in associations matches doesn’t matter in the league, the opposite scenario is not that happy: if I have a league match, or if I train my players and their condition gets low, when I have an association match, my players are having that low condition. I think this was their strategy, because I want to win in association, I will spend rests ti boost the condition of my players( I think a lot of people are doing so), and for a total of 4 matches I can spens some rests, so compared with what we win, it may turn that we spend more then we win.

    But this is a bussiness and anyway we should be happy that we have new content in the game.

    Another bad thing is that you can compete with players that are buying a lot of tokens with real money.

    1. Is good question, I’ve ready they said you can only promote one rank per season but I don’t know what you say, I still I assume you can skip some levels if you have some points or at least this is how it should be normally.

      Regarding the rewards, they are low I agree but I assume they are more symbolic then something else. I am looking for example at local groups of Associations where the rewards at the end of the season are from 1 blue booster to 10 blue boosters and let’s face it, this is low but I guess their meaning is only symbolic.

      Regarding condition, you don’t lose anything in the Association match but is quite tricky because you start the Association match with the current condition, moral, injuries, etc so yes somehow you might be a little more motivated to invest more in order to have everything full.

      You must compete with everyone, is same everywhere, that’s the meaning of a competition, just think at Rayo and Barcelona in La Liga or Malmo and Real Madrid in Champions League. Also making those who pay money to play only those who pay money will be stupid, where will be the point?

  18. Hello!

    I have a few questions!

    1] I have a loaned out a player, how long will it be gone? Just for my teammate’s match, until he returns it or for the whole association season?
    2] The player that I’ve loaned out in the Association, will I be able to use it in my normal League’s games?
    3] Are they going to do something about the condition of the players? For instance, if I have 2 matches per day (League and CL matches) which are before the Association match, then I will have to spend much more rest and moral boosters in order to be prepared for the Association as well.. Whereas if the Association is somehow made to be always before the League’s and CL’s matches, I won’t spend that much rests and moral boosters.
    Since captains are deciding what time the association matches are and the timetable for all the managers is different, I would suggest TopEleven to make all the players rested and morally boosted and healed only for the Association matches. I mean, If you’ve had a League’s match, your players are exhausted. Your second match is a CL’s match, so you boost our players to be ready for the game, whereas afte the game they are exhausted agin. Your third match is the Association, so you have to boost your players again, so to be in full shape for the Association. So you spend too much boosts while if you lose, you either not get boosts or boosts are taken away from you which is not fair.
    My suggestion for TopEleven is, no matter when your Association game is, all the players to be healed, boosted condition and moral, to be ready for the game.

    1. 1. As far as I am concern at the end of the season they will return to the manager team. But you can go to My Association option, LOAN option and then just click on the X next to players name and they will return to the owner.

      2. No, the system is made only for Associations games.

      3. Is up to them and I don’t think so, is good already that we don’t lose the condition and moral during the games but I agree with you, it makes you to invest more in order to win and have your team in full shape before each game.

  19. Correct answer to 1 is: loan lasts until you recall that player. I have a player who I loaned last season and he is still on loan, and by the way the player who took him on loan is even in another association now!
    Correct answer to 2 is: yes.
    Why they can’t just put this correct info on a help page somewhere is beyond me. Instead, we get this ‘administrator’ who keeps giving out bullshit answers.

  20. I have a friend in association football group who’s team are rubbish if I kick him out will he know it was me?

    1. Yea, there’s nothing much you can do. You can pass Captain to somebody else and ask him to kick that guy.

  21. Hi, my current captain click wrongly button to promote other member as captain and now he become vice captain. Any chance that change back to original captain as the new captain is non-active playing..kindly advise.

  22. Since joining an association my finances have significantly dropped. My stadium is only half full and I am not making enough to cover expenses. How if possible is it to improve finances and get back into the black. I don’t want to leave the association but it is ruining my team/game experience.

    1. It doesn’t have any connection with the Associations, just decrease from the tickets price and everything will be back as before. I assume you increased the tickets price and from here comes your issue.

      1. I didn’t check that association is in the same ticket price as friendly and I’d set a win bonus. I’ve now lowered the ticket price and cancelled win bonus, hopefully this has solved the problem. Thanks for your help.

  23. Hi!

    What does it mean rating of association? Now my association CSKA PFK has raiting +81 & 412 points. What for uses this raiting? And what rules depends on this ratio?

  24. yo! im only a vc but i just kicked a player that left the game, from my association. the thing is.. now im finding it hard to replace him with a good team, as all good players are in associations already.. my question is.. is there some way that i can communicate with someone on my friendlist to leave his association and join ours. becuase that would make things alot easier and more interesting.

    1. You can send him a message on FB, I guess this is the only solution at the moment. You can also visit the official forum, they have an entire section about Associations and you can ask there if somebody wants to join.

  25. I have a question. We want to kick out a player from our association. He stopped playing the game. If we kick him out will we lose the points he gained?

  26. Hi, just a quick question. When does the association season run from? Is it the same as the regular top eleven season which would mean 4 tournaments a season.

    Thanks for your help

  27. Our association team is good but the problem is the captin left the game and no vice captin. Now all his team 33yr old and alwayes defeated 9:0, 10:0
    How to kick the captin or change it?

  28. how are the association points given? A win = 3 points and a draw = 1 point? so why our associations got 91 points but we won only 12 matches and 5 draws?

  29. Is it possible to jump two levels in one season in an assosciation. If yes will the reward be a cumulative tokens of two levels?

  30. I always have 0 attendance whenever im playing Association match in my home but whenever im away playing with another team, the other team always have attendance and i always wonder why i dont ever get attendance while playing at home

    Is there any solution to this please?

  31. If my player has a red card in league match and i didn’t remove him while playing association match will i be short of one player? or wen he gets to association his red card will automatically not be there except?
    like he can play association after getting a red card in league? but wont play in league until his ban is over?

  32. Hello,

    What happens if a captain or a vice-captain removes one association player? Does the points winned by that player affects the association points? Does the association points decreased?

    Thank you.

  33. How long after an association session is completed, does one receive their tokens? The boosters seem to be instant but the tokens not so much? My association finished second with 700 points in Silver 2; so 10 tokens are due. How quickly are they received please?

  34. So whatever condition and bonus you have just before association match is carried into it. After match it’s all recovered immediately. So sorry training session also behave similarly or there is no condition loss in that?

  35. I created an assosiation but nobody has joined I have even sent some invites please what ways can i get people in.

  36. I just want to know this… my association just played a final and we drew with both associations having the save amount of goals… as i wasn’t online to see what happened, i just saw afterwards that they won on penalties… can you tell me how that works?

  37. I have a question.I found an association where are three teams who dont play top eleven . How can i ban this members from this association?

  38. Can i train a player during associations, may frend gave me him on loan, so i can improve him, i want to do him favor too

  39. You guys of the my FA members was VC and he took my captain from me I need help for that, is he hacker or you can fix it that problem thanks.

  40. You guys one of the my FA members was VC and he took my captain from me I need help for that, is he hacker or you can fix it that problem thanks.

    1. If there not on your server you can add them on Facebook then they should automatically be on your friends list..if that fails they may need to activate there Facebook account.. Hope that helps.

  41. Hey dude..what do the green dots mean on the association chat server pics..on the bottom right..does it mean there online or that the’ve read the comments.. And another thing, are association matches designed to aggravate the favorite.. I was against someone 99% im 125% lost first game just won the second..then in my league game after I won 8-1! Same play same team what gives?

    1. Well no idea about the results to be honest but a green dot next to manager avatar means his currently online.

  42. Hi admin,

    Couple of quick ones.
    1. Can you give a breakdown of how points are scored. The standard 3 points for a win and one point for a draw is fine but do the bonuses add to your total? How do you get bonuses?
    2. Do captains and vice captains get extra points?


  43. How i can get read of a captain who stopped the game in my association???
    There must be a way cuz its wierd to see an association with 5 fivestars members and 1 with 2…

  44. I’m in a football association called ravensmead from south Africa.
    Our captain is no longer active on our group with 2 other members. Only 3 of us are active in the group as we are in now in Gold level.
    There is no vice captain in the group and was wondering if you could help me be a vice captain so that I can have the authority to add and remove players on the group.

    Can you help please with assigning me as a vice captain in my association.

  45. I was about to have an association game and then it finished within a minute. A loss for me 0-3 and no match report. Just said I didn’t have 11 eligible players. I don’t understand because I definitely did.

    1. same problem. All 6 games ended in a technical defeat. There was no response from the administration

  46. I made an association on top eleven a while ago but could not play for a reason and when I came back on my team was gone but am wanting my association back from a friend how can u transfer the captain back too me?

  47. I’m loaning out my players, but their morale are very low? Will the the team that took my players get to boast my players’ morale?

  48. I know the association matches do not effect condition and morale, and that you cannot get injuries, but does it effect the form of the player? Will the players rating from the association match count towards form?

  49. Hello, I wanted to ask whether I can arrange to play against an association of my choosing. We are 14 people playing this game as a group project as part of our course and since each association can fit up to 6 people maximum, is it possible to create different associations and arrange to play against each other or the system will randomly choose another association and we end up playing against some guys from France for example?

  50. Hi, there are 6 members in my association but only 5 members are included in weeknd association tournament. How do i chamge that? I want all the members to be included

  51. Hello ,
    I won the cup and by mistake I chose two players instead of three. how can i get the third one Please help me.
    Sincerely Samuel

  52. My associations have been promoted, and the promotion prize was to be 30T but I didn’t get a single Tokens of that promotion prize, I’m a member of that association and even I’ve played the war.

  53. I tried to get out of the association. the answer “right now there is a problem when you want to leave. Try another time.”
    what happen?

  54. please what do join by request in associations you have to place a request like an application or something..??

    1. Exactly, you must submit an application and the captain or vice-captain of the Association must approve it.

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