The latest update of the game comes with a better use of the match assistant and doesn’t look bad at all.                    


Finally a good and better use of the match assistant, despite doesn’t seems something very big is something useful because now you can track much faster some aspects of the game.


Now let’s see what’s changed in the game with the new update and how the manager assistant is helping us:



  1. Daily Gifts – Easier to access then and harder to forgot about gifting back.
  2. Transfers – Information about your U-21 players and scout.
  3.  Finances – Information about your TV Rights and Sponsorship.
  4. Ground – A lot of details about your stadium and facilities.


Basically the new update on the manager assistant is meant to speed up your searches but also to remind you of some important notifications.


All together Top Eleven managed to come up with another positive update on the game and hopefully some other small updates like this one will come.



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