Top Eleven just added days ago two brand new jerseys with army print in the Club Shop for a very good price.

January and Top Eleven is only about items because we had plenty of them and from this point of view Top Eleven 2018 started much better then the previously 2,3 years when they pretty much neglected this aspect in the game.

After we had the chance to collect Germany jerseys and emblem and after the mistake from Top Eleven when they released the 100 trophies commemorative emblem for everyone, they released 2 more brand new jerseys and both of them seems to enjoy a very good feedback.

Both of them share the same print but they came in different color and I can say that they did a very good job for both of them.

Looking to the other designs and prices in the Club Shop, I strongly believe the price of 25 tokens per jersey is more then reasonable and pretty much everyone can afford them with a bit of effort.

If you can’t afford them do not worry because you might have a chance to win them at our next contest which is coming these days.

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  1. hey wheres my token prize anyway? u said i won the 50 tokens part 2 giveaway but havent recieved till now.. its almost 2 months..

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