Animated Live Match

Second great feature of the new update and probably the most awaited – Live Animated Matches in Top Eleven!          

The new update is offering a great feature and now you can watch the games in a unique way in 2D (bird-view).


Unfortunately the new feature is available only for mobile devices but hopefully in time they will come with an update for desktop version.

– Only highlights are shown and it remains 8 minutes long.
– Depending on its intensity, it can have more or fewer 2D animated sequences.
– We opted for a bird’s eye view of the full pitch because it’s all-embracing and unbiased. We believe it is best adapted to the tactical needs of a football management simulation game.
– All the 2D animated pieces of play are unique, original and unrecorded.
– You have the option to turn-off live animations and to watch the game in comments-only mode. The latter mode enables you now to see all the live match’s comments on one screen.

(source: Top Eleven official forum)

Watch Chelsea player Nemanja Matic talking about the new feature.

Tell us what do you think about this new feature in Top Eleven 2015 – Be a Football Manager!




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