Alternative Redeem Codes

Many are saying that Coke isn’t healthy but it can be very great for your Top Eleven team because you can win boosters and skill points just by drinking this ambrosia as I like to call it.               


I’m pretty sure that many of you didn’t had any idea about the collaboration Top Eleven and Pepsi, maybe because this is only a local collaboration just in Turkey (if I am not wrong).





Basically under the bottles cap and cans keys of Pepsi you can find special redeem code that can be used in-game to win skill points and moral boosters. Each code redeemed gives you x2 skill points and 1 blue booster. Not bad!


But if you don’t like to drink Coke because you thing isn’t healthy enough for you, there are other options like eating ice cream.


Summer is coming and eating ice cream every day is a must for any human being and is even better when you get redeem codes that can give you an advantage for your team.


Just like they did with Pepsi, they also have a collaboration with Macho (Frikam)  an  ice cream company but again I assume this is just something local and is very possible if I am not wrong to be only in Serbia.

Each ice cream should give you a special redeem code that will give you a blue booster and a skill point.


Ice Cream and Coke is the living proof that Top Eleven have a very good idea about how to attract customers to their side.


There was also other ways to find redeem codes, like TV advertising in Serbia on Sport Klub TV but I don’t have to many information about this so I can’t write almost anything about.


If you have some clues about other ways to win redeem codes, don’t forget to share it with us and help more managers to improve their team.


    1. These codes can be used only once so is pointless to post some. Also to get them you must buy Pepsi or Macho ice-cream.

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