A new challenge is ready to take off today and seems to be the best one so far, very unpredictable and also fun!

Today is starting the 3rd challenge in Top Eleven so far and as I just said above, this challenge have pretty much all the ingredients to make it the best one so far.

All Out Attack Challenge


  • earn points for every goal scored during the 13 League matches in the challenge
  • points are determined by the goalscorer’s place on the pitch – not their role
  • you must win at least one point in order to qualify for rewards
  • if a player scores shortly after a position change during a match, they will earn points from their previous position


  • For a strong or medium league try to focus on your defenders, set your defenders to take the penalties and free kicks as you can win more points. Avoid strikers at any costs but also offensive midfielders or even midfielders.
  • If you have a very easy league, go all or nothing on your goalkeeper, set him as your free kick taker but also to take the penalties for your team. One goal per game might be enough to secure you a high position on the challenge top.
  • Do not forget after each league game to set back your main players for penalties and free kicks for your Cup and Champions League games as the challenge address only to the league games.

Something differently at this competition is the duration which is more then double comparing with the previous ones.

Is gonna be a very long competition and make sure you will win it cause more then sure is the only one that we would have this season.



  1. “points are determined by the goalscorer’s place on the pitch – not their role”, so why setting the GK to take penalty works? I thought this challenge is all about long shooting?

    1. Well isn’t hard to guess what they meant, by role they meant positions learned by the players so if your goalkeeper scores a free kick or a penalty you will get 15 points 🙂 I did like this and works great for us, in 5 games we passed 100 points.

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