Only couple of hours left until Top Eleven 2018 would be released but until then let’s see what we had new in Top Eleven 2017.

The new big update is right at the door but let’s not forget the 2017 because it was a very big year for Top Eleven with a lot of changes in-game, off-game, social media, etc.

If you haven’t seen already the video from above, feel free to watch it to make a better idea or to remember some of the updates that were made in the past year.

Here is a more detailed list of updates for 2017:

  • Forum (forum have been redesigned almost from 0 and now we have a new structure and a brand new design)
  • Webside (new webside design



  • Super League (also known as Nivea League)
  • Weekly Sponsor deals (first introduced as a temporary event but added again as a permanent feature)
  • All new auction system (including tokens refund when player is lost)
  • Scouting Network
  • Live Events
  • Club History (added back)
  • More players in the squad

And of course there were many other small updates or fixed bugs / errors in meanwhile.

Don’t forget to check tomorrow our website to learn more about Top Eleven 2018!


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