Happy Birthday to Top Eleven who celebrated 8 years since they released the game.

Since Top Eleven have been released 8 years ago lots of things changed in the game and I am gonna highlight few of them.

First of all let’s take a look to the first user interface that the game had.

The game was initially designed for browser only and then they moved to Android, iOS. In meanwhile the first version of the game received lots of visual improvements and pretty much all of them were very good.

  • a more breathable design
  • improvements on jerseys and emblem design
  • official jerseys and emblems
  • special ability icons
  • live stats
  • manager compare

Then lots of features were released, some of them are still available in-game while sadly some of them have been removed.

  • club history and statistics
  • club take over ability (not available anymore)
  • option to send and receive gifts
  • direct transfer (negotiation)

… and many others.

Then we finally moved to the new version of the game, the one we currently use and one of the main reasons behind this is because they wanted to have a similar user interface for both mobile and browser (desktop) version of the game.

Once the new version of the game came, we did lost some features from the previous version of the game like “take over”; ability to see other managers trophy rooms or facility and so on but many others have been introduced but I will name just three of them which I believe are the biggest so far:

  • Live Animated Games
  • Associations
  • Transfer Market “redesigned”

and of course we can also name the Nivea League Cup which is a great feature as well.

Many other things are about to come and something major will come with the World Cup 2018 so stay  tuned and don’t forget to log in Top Eleven everyday to don’t miss anything.

As a gift from Top Eleven this year we received a special redeem code TE8THBIRTHDAY, a redeem code that will give everyone 8 tokens.


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