Recently we received few more new jerseys in the game from the designers of Top Eleven but do you know their story?


Personally I always like to know the story behind the jerseys I wear and that’s why I took my team and see what inspired the Top Eleven jerseys to create these new ones.


Here is what I found about the latest premium jerseys that Top Eleven added in the game:



UC Sampdoria, Holland (Netherland) and US National Team, from them Top Eleven decided to inspire their new jerseys and here is our research:


UC Sampdoria


Possible the best jersey from all of them and it was inspire from the Italian team  UC Sampdoria who won the league title in 90’s but also the CUP Winners’ CUP on the same year.
Hard to say exactly from what year because the home jersey of Sampdoria is quite the same for a very long time but here is a quick look of how their real jersey look:





The Denim Kit! This jersey have been inspired by the jersey of US Soccer team from 94, the kit they used at the World CUP 1994.
As you can see the colors have been changed, blue with red and red with blue, very likely because of the copyrights but the difference isn’t big.


Holland (Netherland)


For me this is the best one because when I see it, my mind gets connected with the dutch football which is one of the best football in the world but also reminds me of many great players like like Johan Cruijff, Dennis Bergkamp,  Robben, Van Persie, van Basten, Gullit, etc.
I do not really know what jersey they wanted to copy but I assume the one from 1974.


I hope you enjoyed this article and hopefully Top Eleven will surprise us with even more nice looking retro jerseys to celebrate the past of the most beautiful sport ever: FOOTBALL !



After we will manage to finish with the New Year contest we will make another one where we will offer all of them to some of you so don’t forget to check us later on for the chance of winning them.


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  1. […] Good for opening this thread because I think we can find some useful information. Regarding the 3 jerseys you wrote at the start, they are replicas of: Netherland, very likely 1974(the orange one), the white and blue with red is replica of US 1994 kit and the main one from center, the blue one is Sampdoria but which one exactly is quite hard to say because they have a lot who look like that but due to the text from chest right above the stripes I assume is the one from 1992-1993. (MORE HERE: 3 NEW JERSEYS) […]

  2. Hello! Please tell me how I can take the form of an emblem and his team (Russia) in the open market store is missing. Thank you in advance!

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