25 players squad

If you didn’t know but I assume you did since 7th of February we can have 25 players in our squad.

A week ago Top Eleven came with a new updated that fixed some important bugs in the game but also with this new updated on the squad number.

From now on we can keep up to 25 players with 3 more players then before.

This new update is more then welcome especially thinking that Top Eleven came with 2 new competitions Nivea League and Associations.


Another important thing that you need to know about the update from 7th of February:


– Get ready to manage a larger Squad! Now your club can have 25 players on signed contracts instead of 22.
– One of your club legends may decide that it is still too early to retire… If certain requirements are met, from the middle of next season the system may chose one of your players that is close to retiring to have their contract renewed for another season.
– Managers who own an Apple device are now able to use Top Eleven stickers on iMessage.

– The rules for healing loaned players have been updated. The owner Manager of loaned players can have them healed by other members of his association up to a maximum of 5 rests (5 rests is a global limit for all loaned players) per day.
– We’ve improved the performance of the game by either reducing battery consumption for some devices or improving the number of frames per second for other ones.
– For Managers who play on Android devices, note that Google Game Achievements are now located in Settings.
– The updated tutorial that was available on Android devices since version 5.1.1 is now available for iOS devices and on web browser versions.


– In Negotiation, we have fixed the rare issue some Managers were experiencing (Tokens were not being returned after expiry of an offer).
– Now you can share your success on your Facebook wall normally. So go ahead and show your friends who is boss!
– We’ve fixed a connection issue during the tutorial. Other small display issues in the tutorial were also fixed.
– We’ve fixed the issue our new Managers were facing when they tried to open the Starter Pack screen.


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