2016 – GOODBYE

2016 is finally coming to the end and Top Eleven proved us that they can reinvent themselves with style and big updates.

Only few days left before we will step up in 2017, a new year with even more challenges then before and I am pretty sure that Top Eleven made their homework what they want is actually what we want ?


Hard to synthesize all the requests from the the players but this is what I expect from Top Eleven to see in 2017!




2017 will be a real challenge for Top Eleven because I doubt they can come with huge updates like those we had during the 2016 like the new training system or the associations feature which was a real success.


What I expect from 2017 and Top Eleven will be a year of improving what they already have and that’s what I personally expect and wish from them to do.


For sure that some brand new ideas will refresh the game image and will keep the players engaged but on the other side the game already “collected” some pointless features with the transition from the old version of the game.


This is what I expect in 2017 from Top Eleven: 


  1. Improve the trophy room – Can’t believe that it’s been so long since the new version of the game have been added and there was no update regarding this. This design is back from 2015 and there is no excuse for this. One of the main point of the game is to win trophies, basically that’s what you are fighting for so dear Top Eleven what’s the point of winning them if only us can see them? The most you can see what the other team won is the trophies from his previous season and that’s it and nothing more. Shameful!
  2. Bring back take over – Is not the first time I request this and I would not stop doing it because it was a very useful thing for many managers who decided that they want something new, something fresh, new challenges and the chance to do it better then before. Plus and very sadly, you guys removed this option from the old version of the game without a clearly notification why you did it then you added it back and set the level 101 which is almost untouchable and I am pretty sure you set it because you knew nobody can reach it to sooner. No point to tease us anymore. Remove it permanent or bring it back. I also believe that one of the reasons you made it to be like that is because is in-build with the “Manager” page and would need a new redesign which would take time and resources.
  3. Give a better purpose to Mourinho – It’s been years since I haven’t interacted with him and I don’t see why should I do it. Give us some weekly challenges with him or something like that, would clearly make the Mourinho more attractive for the players. You have him as the image of the game and do not use him very much.
  4. Give a better purpose to Achievements – This is something that players are attracted but try to highlight this much more. Show public how many we achieved and give some symbolic and unique rewards for unlocking them.
  5. Club Shop – I am speaking about the jerseys and emblems. Let us somehow display them, show our collection, give us a better reason to buy more of them because in the end is in your advantage more then it is in ours.  Also let us somehow customize the shop. The jerseys are in the club shop in a completely chaotic way and trust me when I say that is a pain when you must search between few hundred of them.


As you’ve seen I haven’t requested as much as in the previous year when you actually managed to complete more then half of my “wish list” and more then that you guys came with some amazing new features. Also all that I’ve requested is more about the fun part, small and achievable things that would be a benefit for all of us.


I am not really trying in this post to request something more big like “fair results” and “better draws” because I know that this is a more sensible and complicated request with  very low chances to happen.


Hopefully 2017 will show us that you will focus on making the game more playable, more smoothly and more fun then ever before!


  1. I just wish i could meet managers in cup or CL with my same level.. its really frustrating trying to win atleast a trebile for a long time. After spending tokens for players in transfer market to make my team set. Then there is always a team or two who that are 1 or 2 lvls higher than me. Its not fair, their team and players rating are monstrous and my team and players ratings are not competible against those managers… PLS FIX this issue. Never won a trebile 🙁 cos of this..THX

    1. I don’t think for CUP is fair to win the same level because if you look how CUP goes in real life you will understand that is a different concept pretty similar with the one from Top Eleven.

      Regarding CL and League you are totally right and I found it as an abuse from the game. I would understand it in extreme cases when for example there are no players but is clearly and they also confirmed that they do it because they want “to create more competitive” championships.


  2. We already have a chat for the assciations, but why not between your league opponnents or a globle chatroom? Then you could easily buy players from them. A other aspect what really frustrates me is that in the the leages where I am in, maby 6 or 7 teams are really playing. They need to ban or delete accounts if they are not active for a long while. And it’s great to get a 100M on money if you win the league, but if you don’t get tokens easily what is the puropse of winning and getting new players every single season. I do this, because my players don’t get any better in a next season.
    Furthermore, if you have a cup or CL game and later a league game on one day (real time), your players have almost no energy for the second game! This could influnce the overall winning chance! They need to change that!
    And I think a daily challenge or someting like that is a very good idea!
    I am almost done with building all my facillities. I would like to see new facillities (so not change the current ones) or that the current ones could get more upgrades on them. For example: My trainingschool for the U-21 players is now totaly upgraded, but my best U-21 player is 80% rated. Then the friendly matches: why would only the home playing team lose energy, get yellow and red cards, can get a inury and a lot more negative things! thats the reason I am never playing them!
    Last but not least: you can change the time when you play a home match, but not when you play away. I would like to change a away game if this match is not on the right time for me. It would be a lot more intersting for everyone!

    I hope people have the same oppion on this.

    Tomás Frinking

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