We just got for you 2 brand new redeem code so do not waste your time and use them while they are still available!

On the internet just surfed 2 new redeem codes: BUTDBONANZA1 & BUTDBOOST2 and they give you tokens and boosters.

First code: BUTDBONANZA1 gives you 2 tokens and 2 moral boosters.
Second code: BUTDBOOST2 gives you 1 token, 1 treatment booster and 1 resting booster.

Is very likely that the both codes have a very short life time so use them as soon as possible otherwise you can lose this opportunity.


    1. Can you name the new contest? If you mean the one from FB well you should just wait as the contest didn’t ended yet.

  1. j’ai joué la partie 3 du défi de 50 jetons qui a commenceé le 31 décembre et il n’y a pas eu les résultats . est ce normal

  2. I cannot use Code BUTDBONANZA1 and BUTDBOOST2, its said that the code was not recognized. We dont know how long it will last so It would be nice to have notification first in the game if they were new free code..sucks

  3. I need 200 token ,I don’t know where to get it -Send REDEEM code a.s.a.p.tq.i really needed.🤔

    1. Sadly is not up to us to make this codes, they are generated by the Top Eleven during the special events.

  4. Not even one code in 2020 and not even 10free tokens during 2019.cheap top eleven .and it’s same sh*t if you are buying,always same bad promo,same for last 3 years.really bad BAD BAD top eleven in that department.

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