Top Eleven just released a new challenge and comes with some really great rewards for all of us!

100th SEASON GOAL-FEST is the newest challenge and once again the rewards are quite big because we speak of exclusive articles like unique emblem and jersey which would be really hard to obtain them after that, plus lots of tokens to be won and some boosters!

The new challenge is quite simple, you have 26 days to score as many goals as possible, once you hit 180 goals you would unlock all the rewards from the challenge.


  • Earn 1 point for each goal scored in League, Champions League/ Super League & Cup matches.
  • Only goals from season day 3 onward will count in the challenge.
  • Only goals scored in regular time count.

So basically the goals scored so far for the first 2 games, day 1 and day 2 will not count at all and also goals that would be scored after minute 90 would not count.


We divided 180 goals to 26 days and to complete the challenge you would need to score around 6.92 goals per day, quite a big number especially if you have very good opponents.


  • 1 token: 1.15 goals per day
  • 3 condition boosters: 2.3 goals per day
  • 10 moral boosters: 3.46 goals per day
  • Jersey: 4.61 goals per day
  • Emblem: 5.76 goals per day
  • 30 tokens: 6.92 goals per day

Assuming you would play all the games left, a maximum of 48, you would need to score an average of 3.75 goals per game.

The challenge would last until the very last day of the season, more exactly would end on 6th of January 2018.

There’s plenty of time to unlock most of them but in order to unlock the last reward you must make sure that you are competing in all the competitions available for you for a better goal rate per day otherwise your chances would be quite low.

Do you think you can win?


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