From Hero to Zero is the definition of this emblem which meant to be one of the most special emblems in game so far. 

On the 100th season of the game, Top Eleven came with a great surprise for those won won 100 or more trophies in game. A commemorative emblem with a simple but powerful message “100”.

The emblem was sent as a gift only for those who won 100 or more trophies, including silver and bronze plates.

“Special Gift

Hi! The 100th season of Top Eleven is just about over, but as a member of a small group of Managers who have won 100 trophies or more before this season, we have left you a special exclusive emblem in your Club inventory as a thank you for playing!”

This was the announce from Top Eleven but sadly by mistake days after, Top Eleven released the emblem for everyone in the game by adding in the Club Shop for a very decent price.

As it was expected, a huge number of managers took the opportunity and bought this emblem which now can be found all over on Top Eleven groups for exchange but on a quite big exchange rate.

In a statement on the official forum, one of the Admins said that they feel sorry for this error and they will try to fix this issue if is possible. Very likely by creating a new one for them.


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