100 tokens winner + new contests

After almost a month of waiting, we finally have the winner of the 100 tokens so take a look to see if is you!                              


Before I announce the winner I want to say THANK YOU GUYS! It’s been by far the most successful article on this blog so far.


Also special thanks to the guys from NORDEUS who supported us at this contest and offered us the 100 tokens for the contest.




The winner of the contest is  Alvaro (alvaro_brazil@email.com

Please confirm your e-mail address in order to receive your 100 tokens from www.topeleven.info !

Once again, thanks to all of you for your time and I am really sorry that I could not give this reward to all of you but understand that this is not possible and it will never be. Nobody will offer hundred of tokens to hundred of people at the same time, especially non-official pages like us.

I’m already doing my best in collecting items & tokens for future contests but I am almost all alone and even for me is super hard. I’m not gonna lie any of you, I would never be able to please all of you because is simply not possible but I will try my best to make happy and please as many as possible I would be able.

More contests are coming for you and here’s a quick preview of what you can win on our website in the next 1,2 months:

  • Ecuador + US emblem
  • Iceland Euro 2016 x3 jerseys
  • Brazil new jersey x10 jerseys
  • Spain full set
  • 50 tokens (Facebook Contest)
  • 100 tokens (75% to happen)
  • 500 tokens premium items (this week will start)
  • Full Official Kit 2016-2017 (when the new items will be added in the game)
  • Others


As you can see we are very well prepared and we have a lot of new stuffs to give away.


More then this, I’m working on a plan where other managers with good heart and tokens would be able to host contests on our website or at least we will promote their contests so you can have more chances on winning something!


Good luck in Top Eleven and don’t forge to share the good news with all your friends!


  1. congratulation to the winner @alvaro
    cant imagine how will you enjoy the game… hehe… Thanks to NORDEUS for a great offer… Glory Glory ORLOVA FC… hats off

  2. I must win 100 token because i help people a lot in top eleven to upgrade players and putting the right position where he used to play and i help with the right formation to win matches. So please i should win the 100 tokens…

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