Guess the right answer and you can win up to 100 tokens!

Saturday we will have a very nice derby in la LigaDerbi sevillano” between Sevilla & Betis where you can win 50 or 100 tokens if you guess the right number of corners between the 2 teams.

To register at the contest you must leave a comment with your prediction and link to your FB profile, reason being for asking the FB profile is to avoid people register multiple times.

The reward will go on the FB profile you registered, you cannot change it.

Example to register:

22 corners

Alternative you can hide your FB profile by adding the link into the WEBSITE BOX when you leave the comment.



You can only register with one account.
You cannot change the profile after you registered
Only one comment per FB profile

This contest will have 2 winners of 50 tokens each but in the case we only have one winner the person in cause will take the jackpot of 100 tokens.

In case of more people guessing the right number, 2 lucky persons will be chosen with www.random.org .

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE and don’t forget to share it with your FRIENDS!




  1. I apologize for the two comments. The first one did not appear first, so I wrote the second one (when tip 12 appeared in the meantime, I wrote another one). Is it possible to ignore my tip 12?
    (via translate.google.com)

    1. Congratulations, you are one of the lucky winner of our contest! 50 tokens will come to your account this week.

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