Win Premium Items – 500 tokens

Back again with a great contest for you guys and with an awesome prize because now you have the amazing chance to win premium items in value of no less then 500 tokens!                       


Basically you will win any premium items you want up to 500 tokens so you can choose really a lot of items, around 15-20 or even more. This is one of the biggest contests we ever hard so far and clearly would be the contest with the most rewards.




All the items would be won by one single player so if you want to win be sure you will register first.


To register you only need to leave your email or your Facebook address and at the end of the month we would announce the super lucky winner who got the big jackpot!

Because is all about gifting, don’t forget to share this with all your friends and until then, good luck in the game !



  2. It will be nice to win. That will draw a lot of peeps to Top Eleven because of my excitements and screams. Let’s go!

  3. cool game.. i won back to back cup titles in two seasons.. finished 2nd first season and on the top this season with 12 points difference and with 3 matches to go.. and will be the champions this season

  4. This is an awesome game and you guys are amazing with the competitions and all the vital information you give!!! Keep up the brilliant work!!!

    1. Actually , due some real life issues I could not be active and couldn’t finish this contest, because there are a lot of people registered I need a lot of time to check them all , add them in a list, do a video , etc. The winner will be revealed sooner hopefully!

  5. I deserve to win 500 tokens because I am so passionate about football and I am first in the league and I am still in Semi finals champion league so please give me the prize of 500 tokens

  6. Top eleven is the best game in the World. i am happy to managed my team and it is be wonderfull if i could win token to fix my team better. thank you guys for Everything you did. 🙂

  7. there is still a lot to be done for this game greater access to money for purchases of the best players should be these tokens, but it is so insufficient for the whole season

  8. why can’t send tokens any mt friend? please add in settings that anyone can send tokens each other. if I want to send my friends all my tokens

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