Nothing is better then tokens and because of this we are offering 100 tokens to use them just as you please.                            


Once again we are here with a great gift for you and to create equal chances for everyone I decided to make it simple as usually.


To register you only need to leave a comment with your Facebook profile ID / Link or your e-mail address and that’s it.




Just a quick info for the readers: We already have in plan more contests and also others ongoing and because of this we had to stop the contest “Win Juventus Full Set“a bit earlier but no worries, we already announced a winner because we like to keep our promises.


The deadline for this contest is gonna be 31/07/2016 (last day of the month) and to choose the winner we will use the website


Right after this contest is over we would start another contest where we will offer to a lucky winner, articles in value of no more or less then 500 tokens. Pretty cool, no?


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651 Responses to “WIN 100 TOKENS”

  1. florin slaniceanu says:



  2. Tibi says:


  3. Azisnexha says:

    I hope to win this time: ……

  4. Anthony Chavez says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait for the drawing.

  5. Finnish flash says:

    That’s awesome. 🙂

  6. Kevin says:

    Hope to win this but also good luck to everybody.

  7. Leandro says:

    100 tokens!!! Thats awesome..only for lucky winner.

  8. Leandro says: .. choose this :p pls 😉

  9. Uchenna Vincent says:

    Wow this awesome….

    I hope to

  10. Imadeddine says:

    Nice.. wish luck for every one

  11. Raul says:

    I whant to win this pleas 😀 !

  12. Mayank says:

    my email ID is—-

  13. Amos Afowowe says:

    wow. that will be great. email is
    thank you very much

  14. David Lucas says:

    Nice ! 100 tokens 😀

  15. Seby says:

    Best deal 😀

  16. Amos Afowowe says:

    wow. that will be great. my mail address is
    thank you very much

  17. kevin says:

    hope to win this but also good luck to everybody

  18. khaled says:


  19. Marcelo Menisck says:

    My e-mail:

  20. Dhinho Eckenback says:

    100 tokens!!! Thats awesome..only for lucky winner.?????

  21. salim says:

    i hope win…

  22. salim says:

    i hope win

  23. Uchenna Vincent says:


  24. aony says:

    I want to win

  25. Saba Sheikh says:

    Good luck to all. I hope I win.

    Email address

  26. Negru Gabriel says:

    i hope win 😀

  27. Modrick14 says:

    Wow I feel am gonna win this one!! ?

  28. Antony says:

    Nunca me he ganado nada jaja, que viva el fútbol!

  29. luna1405 says:

    Für 100 Token könnten sich meine Spieler eine längere Zeit erholen und mit perfekter Moral glänzen – und ihr Trainer bräuchte sich nicht über die wenigen Koffer ärgern die z.Zt. nur zur freien Verfügung gestellt werden ?

  30. Klavert Sandy says:

    I hope can be a winner this time …

  31. Suleiman Abdulnaseer says:

    Hope to win..

  32. George Cazacu says:

    Hope win

  33. Suleiman Abdulnaseer says:

    Winning this will be great

  34. kevin says:

    J’espère les gagner super 🙂

  35. jay bliss says:

    Luck be with me this time

  36. valentin viziru says:


  37. You Hey says:

    Why is purchasing token through PC (paypal) more expensive than on android (google play)

  38. Arif says:

    My facebook ID profile is : Ogunbayo Mohammed-Arif Oladapo

  39. Prabu R says:

    500 tokens’ worth in the next round? Damn!! Goodluck to everyone!!!

  40. rabie says:

    Thinks for your hard work

  41. You Hey says:

    Nordeus needs to put options where a person can buy token for another

    • Administrator says:

      I don’t think is a good idea because people might create an endless number of accounts and trade them almost for free or even free.

  42. Osain Ifieme says:

    Great news indeed

  43. Fiston Affan says:

    this is great i hope to win this

  44. chupy says:

    nice to win )

  45. chupy says:

    New Tokens Are Pokers ))

  46. luis ferrer says:

    choose this :p pls

  47. Ahmed magdy says:

    Good luck to all

  48. Ahmed magdy says:

    Nice one

  49. Hilmi1008 says:


  50. Tuan N Hariz says:

    IG: Nhariz027
    FB : Tuan N Hariz
    Email :

  51. Bănică Dorel says:

    Nice 🙂

  52. Wayne Walker says:

    Hope to win this…..100 tokens

  53. Jagjit says:

    Good luck to everyone and may the luckiest person win????

  54. Deepak says:

    Great work Admin !!!
    ID :

  55. Nenad says:

    you’re the best

  56. Mark says:

    Ein grosses DANKESCHÖN !!

  57. Kahlan089 says:

    Super cool!!

  58. Facebook username: Balogun Hassan Samson says:

    I hope am part of the winners

  59. Ahmed Gad says:

    100 tokens

  60. tunde says:

    Please let me win (

  61. Costi Gilca says:

    hope I will win 100 tokens (

  62. Bongoman says:

    I am simply hooked to TE16!

  63. seun emmanuel says:

    i want to win

  64. Handles says:

    This better be REAL

  65. Amos Afowowe says:

    sweet deal. mail address is
    thank you so much

  66. morhaf says:

    thanx for all

  67. Ikhsan says:

    Would be great to get that 100 tokens!

  68. Ikhsan says:

    Would be great to get that 100 tokens

  69. Klavert Sandy says:

    Be the winner

  70. Simply awesome, continue the great work nordeous!!!h

  71. Thanh Tú says:

    Please let me win!!!!

  72. Rishab says:

    I hope thia work this time atleast

  73. Rishab says:

    Hopefully not another spam

  74. Rishab says:

    I need tokens badly

  75. WAEL says:

    hope to win

  76. Prince Oyindoubra Jombo says:

    Sweet, got my fingers crossed. Prince Oyindoubra Jombo

  77. Abhishek says:

  78. Milen Eshekov says:

    Great, I hope to win.

  79. The best website Thanks for the amazing job ! and thx cuse you help us every time

  80. Zikril says:

    Nice. I hope win.

  81. Shevycko says:

    Wow! Love this. Victory is sure!

  82. Wilberforce says:


  83. Ciprian says:


  84. Meša (MNK Kaskada) says:

    good luck guys 🙂

  85. ezra says:

    Pick me

  86. Юрий says:


  87. Юрий says:

    100! baschkatov2015

  88. demon1985 says:

    want to win!

  89. demon1985 says:

    want to win! dmitkustoff484@gmail. com

  90. Nathanael Dais says:

    hope i win , can buy new jersey , my old one sucks
    e-mail :

  91. victor says:

    Good luck guys

  92. Adam Henry says:

    Sounds Great

  93. Plout says:

    Awesome gift!!!

  94. Bahona says:
    I’m a lucky guy. I know I am

  95. Vlad says:

    I’ll win)) lol

  96. Tibison says:

    I win

  97. Ayuss says:

    Hand over the tokens.

  98. ogi says:
    i hope win please admin ..

  99. Enraz says:

    I always support whatever happens on this site, continue like this. Thanks and always a success for us all

  100. Enraz says:

    I always support whatever happens on this site, continue like this. Thanks and always a success for us al

  101. wayne says:

    top eleven <3

  102. Klavert Sandy says:

    Go to Win …..

  103. Joon_97 says:

    I want it

  104. majid farouk says:

    e mail/

  105. Greget fc says:

    I hope i win
    email :

  106. Greget fc says:

    Very amazing event
    I hope i win it
    Email :

  107. VeloX says:

    I need win

  108. Valda says:

    Les Benjamins

  109. Nic says:

    eu voi cistiga!!!

  110. caroline says:

    Wowsers! Is there multiple winners??

  111. Gomo says:

    I hope i win please

  112. Cyrano says:

    Cyrano Dreambook

  113. Alexandru Acatrinei says:

    Perfect game!

  114. Elsayed elsomkhraty says:

    Awesome .I hope to win

  115. tetea says:

    Please, give me tokens,
    Only lucky ones do get 100 tokens, what about the rest of them?? No consolation prize????

  116. Very very hope win token

  117. Jack says:

    That amazing. I hope I win this event

  118. Shank says:
    im having two accounts in top eleven.

  119. Milan says:

    I am going to win, hahaha

  120. Dennis Engelmark says:

    100 tokens woud be nice =) i really try to get strong players and see how far i can come =)

  121. I want to win the Treble,

  122. I want to win the Treble, Wonderfull!!

  123. Good Job, I want to be the best!

  124. Oshineye Nojimu Olubanji says:

    I hope to win this!

  125. Apocalypse says:

    Good man

  126. laur0x says:

    I Love Top Eleven…..

  127. Nong-eh Engleng says:

    Will wait for it

  128. I love you top eleven … ???

  129. olufemi says:

    wish tokens are easier to buy in my region and adverts for tokens are not as great as in other countries like we have in Nigeria. painful!

    • Administrator says:

      Well in my country 1000 tokens is equal with half of a minimum salary so people usually don’t afford .

  130. amanmujstafa says:

    nice way to keep things interesting!!!! :P:P:P

  131. yamaha says:


  132. Jalu kita says:

    Great contest

  133. irimia says:

    Give me _:)

  134. Seby says:

    Let’s hope for the best

  135. Kritik Chouhan says:

    Lets hope I win this time…
    email id:

  136. bobovski says:


  137. ΓΑΣ ΙΑΛΥΣΟΣ says:


  138. Kahlan089 says:

    Cool!!! Fantastic

  139. lilian says:


  140. samo zain says:

    I hope to win this gift , plz god.

  141. Dino says:

    I really need 100 tokens because i need to buy some good players for new season

  142. ovidiu says:

    cred că sunt la 100-lea comentariu și tot nu voi câștiga nimic.
    oricum vă doresc să mai administrați jocul încă 10 ani de aici înainte și eu să fiu la nivelul 10 x 12 luni.

  143. Venkatraman says:

    Anyone can play pokemon go… and not all can play Top Eleven

  144. Eis says:

    seems great…

  145. Erik says:

    let’s see what happens…

  146. bentaibmohamedyazid says:


  147. Klavert Sandy says:

    Lucky winner

  148. Leandro says:

    100 tokens 🙂 (y)

  149. Leandro says:


  150. Shenol says:

    awesome 😀

  151. Arumahn says:

    Amazing!! I hope Won 😀

  152. Vimal kumar says:


  153. ogisetiawan2 says:

    i wiiinn yesss

  154. christos arvanitis says:

    very good

  155. Tom says:

    Count me in for the token contest.

  156. Patrick says:

    Come on you tokens!

  157. please my team is ever loosing please give me some tokens

  158. rasboatai Emma says:

    great news

  159. rasboatai Emma says:


  160. salah Eddine says:

    I hope to win and good luck to all 🙂

  161. salah Eddine says:
    I hope to win and good luck to all 🙂

  162. Mohd Amir says:

    Lets challenge our strategy skills.

    Email :

  163. Bapi Das says:

    Plz i need token???

  164. Juan Carlos says:

    Sois los mas grandes!
    mi correo electronico es

  165. Klavert Sandy says:

    Great win for the lucky one

  166. Bjergerfan33 says:

    I like that!

  167. bertin lemur says:

    Okay!!! Great idea, here mine:

  168. I hope I win the first time in my life???

  169. Uche says:

    I love top eleven manger 2016

  170. Mohammed says:

    i’ll give a try then 😀

  171. Abuthahir says:

    hope to win this

  172. luna1405 says:

    Viele Token = Viel Erholung für mein Team ?

  173. Lain Finegan says:

    Tokens yaay!
    Google play account please 🙂

  174. salah Eddine says:

    I hope to win and greetings Fc orlova 🙂

  175. salah Eddine says:

    This site is one of the best sites on the T11

  176. salah Eddine says:

    I hope I win elevated the team I hope to help me Fc orlova

  177. Uche says:

    Best game for me

  178. Uche says:

    T.E. remains number 1 for me

  179. Uche says:

    T.E. Na BABA number 1

  180. Uche says:

    I need that 100 token sharp sharp

  181. Uche says:

    I need that 100 token

  182. Uche says:

    Na me go get that 100 token

  183. Uche says:

    Nothing fit stop me na me get that 100 token

  184. pizzy says:

    cant wait to win this! goodluck all

  185. pizzy says:

    i really need this, i currently have no token

  186. reddy says:

    Luck is a big fate

  187. reddy says:


  188. Klavert Sandy says:

    Come to be winner

  189. Xcee cee says:

    I need 100 tokens

  190. Jonathan Paulo Willwock de Jesus says:

    manda la nesse email

  191. O Top Eleven é bue da fixe. E eu preciso de 100 tokens.

  192. Kris BD says:

    I need 100 tokens 🙂

  193. Bayu says:

    Thanks alot..

  194. ESCOY FC says:

    thank you for the information !! hope i’ll be choose !! 🙂 good luck to everyone

  195. Erica Rae says:

    Hope I win

  196. Naru Shizuta says:

    I Will Try My LUCK… ( *w*)b

  197. salah Eddine says:

    I wish luck to everyone and I am well

  198. salah Eddine says:

    Thank you Fc orlova
    All of you help

  199. Adiat McRay Olaniyi says:

    Well I will leave the comment. You never picked me though. Million users, only one winner?? This is ridiculous.

  200. Akdbvff says:

    Thank you orlova fc
    For any thing

  201. Omar Mohammed Sabr says:

    Wow. Hope to win

  202. Abdul says:

    I want to win this price

  203. Godswill Rusademe says:

    Thank you.

  204. MANTHOS IOANNOU says:

    Top11 rocks!!

  205. Николай Малиновский says:

    Super idea.

  206. Amal Fariz says:

    100 Tokens

    Wish me luck!!

  207. Jansultan says:


  208. Reuben Hauhnar says:

    ReubenAhlimi FC Manager,

  209. Sean Cullen says:

    Excellent, would be able to do a lot with them 🙂

  210. Augustin says:

    Wow so much entries already.. .
    Good luck to us all over the world…

    Win or lose
    .. There is always another tournament coming.. ..

    Keep visiting this page.. …

    Long Live Orlova ….

  211. lawal precious says:

    I love this competition…. ride on! and watch me win

  212. Alsi FC says:

    I hopeI canget those Token

  213. Federico says:

    Great! Hope to win this one, i really need them !!

  214. Yoga Satria says:

    Maybe late but still hope *crossfing

  215. ahmef says:

    Want win only one in my life please 🙂

  216. Milen Eshekov says:

    Need some tockens

  217. Thank you for this site

  218. Thank you for this site and I chose another site

  219. shoshdany says:


  220. Catalin says:

    Please (FACEBOOK)

  221. vasile florian says:

    I love Top eleven

  222. Aayush says:

    Random is supporting my team?

  223. dimitris xristodoulopoulos says:

    i want 100 tokens

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  226. Israel Sam says:

    Wow 100 tokens will be of great help

  227. Constantin Păun says:


  228. Paun Constantin says:

    100 tokens 😉

  229. Virat says:

    It’s great

    Ty top eleven

  230. Anjali says:

    I just love top eleven ??

  231. Moldovan Iosif Sebastian says:

    Va rog ajutatima cu 100 de tokens .Multumesc

  232. FC BA says:

    Please I need tokens

  233. Popa says:

    I hope Win 100 tokeni.

  234. facebook ID: Qudus Hassan Club Name: Qudus FC says:

    I need Token

  235. facebook ID: Qudus Hassan Club Name: Qudus FC says:

    100 Token

  236. Syahrul says:

    give token, please

  237. Alin Cristea says:

    Foarte bun

  238. erik hash says:

    Awesome, am I lucky enough?? Hehe…

  239. Gentijan Saliu says:

    100 Tokens?

  240. Marian says:

    Foarte bun!

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  242. Veaceslav Nicoara says:

    trebuie de revenit la multe setari din varianta precedenta

  243. KUDRET says:

  244. Odv says:

    100 tokens please

  245. dharma says:


  246. Milan Malin says:

    I place please let me luck 🙂

  247. Milan Malin says:

    You write that I won the 100 token and nothing came to me oh yeah 🙁

  248. Milan Malin says:

    Please help 🙂 My team needs a sponsor 🙂

  249. mihai77 says:

    PENTRU CEI DE LA TOP ELEVEN lasatim versiunea veche de la joc ca cea noua nu merge va rog

  250. Milan Malin says:

    Hi me any tokenz still not come 🙁 Oh help me

  251. Saptaswa Das says:

    Need coins immediately as all my players are in retiring age

  252. Danijel says:

    Please !!!

  253. danijel says:

    Tokens please !

  254. rammus says:

    7th birthday!

  255. Abdulsham says:

    Token please

  256. Ayon Goswami says:


  257. Gabriel Osuna says:

    I like it! e-mail:

  258. khalid says:

    Khalid doon benzakor

  259. Claudia says:

    If you can,100 Tokens,many Thks

  260. Gomez fc says:

    100 token

  261. Gomez fc says:

    Token 🙂

  262. Gomez fc says:

    100token 🙂

  263. Gianni says:


  264. Samuel FC says:

    100 token hm???? I never win but I’m still trying 🙂

  265. thanh says:

    Nếu bạn có thể, 100 Tokens, nhiều Thks

  266. thanh says:

    100 mã thông báo

  267. thanh says:

    Tôi thích nó

  268. thanh says:

    tuyệt quá…!!!

  269. thanh says:

    Awesome, tôi may mắn đủ?

  270. Ian Hammersley says:

    100 Tokens 🙂

  271. Patrick says:

    9999 tokens please

  272. Fidaus says:

    I want token

  273. Idris says:

    Thank for 100 tokens

  274. Idris says:

    hahah ist not true

  275. nazir says:

    100 tokens yeaaa

  276. Asanic says:

    100 tokens pls

  277. Jorge Silva says:

    Ya lyke

  278. Mohammad FC says:

    100 tokens pls

  279. Micael says:

    100 tokens please

  280. Micael says:


  281. Kiran Maji says:

    100 tokens will be fun 🙂

  282. Andyocean217 says:

    100 tokens please

  283. Andyocean217 says:

    100 tokens

  284. ender says:

    100 token pls

  285. dimitar says:

    very very good!

  286. ARSENAL Varna says:

    very very good!

  287. TOMASZ says:


  288. vidhit says:

    i wanna tokan

  289. Resild says:

    super games

  290. peter says:

    100 token free i need this please

  291. Manuel Nunes says:

    100 tokens please

  292. Can I have 100 tokens?

  293. Joshua Madami says:

    This is really dope, thanks! You’rethe best

  294. Samuel FC says:

    100 tokens to my plz

  295. AEK-George says:

    Please Please 100 tokens!!!!!

  296. Nova Dubnica says:

    I would like zo have 100 tokens please

  297. rumen andreev says:

    Plz 100 tokens

  298. hliboca fc says:

    100 tokens please,please!!!thanks!!!!!

  299. Samuel FC says:

    100 tokens, can i get this ? i dont Think så . i have never have a luck 🙁

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