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New Update – 23 May

Top Eleven released a new update today and it would bring new things in-game but also some quick fixes.


Top Eleven changed a lot recently and with all these current updates, sadly we lost some really good features.

Transfer Market Update

Another update coming up from Top Eleven and this time they are aiming to change the Transfer Market.

25 players squad

If you didn’t know but I assume you did since 7th of February we can have 25 players in our squad.


The latest update of the game comes with a better use of the match assistant and doesn’t look bad at all.                    

NEW – Top Eleven v4.2

Once again we will have a big change in the game and it will be very useful and motivational especially for middle table managers.                                                                   […]

Top Eleven 2015 vs 2016

Right before 2016 I’ve wrote a long article about Top Eleven 2015, the improves that Top Eleven added to the new version of the game.                                                             […]

7th of July – release

Nordeus released a new update for Top Eleven and in big lines is just about fixes but some of them are very good.          

Because we get more and more visits and visitors everyday I think is good idea to inform you about our future plans.               

Associations – Sneak Peak

Because I am pretty sure you can’t wait to see how it will be live during the tournament, I prepared for you some pictures that you might not seen so far.                                                 […]


People asked, Top Eleven provided! Another major update is coming very sooner through Association feature!                       

Update Your Jerseys For Free

Now you have the great chance to update your old official jerseys with those from season 2015-2016 very fast and very safe!  

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