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New Contests

Are you ready to win a lot of stuffs? Then just follow us! 

Take Over – Official Closed

We are sad to inform you that yesterday Top Eleven, officially closed the Job Center and now Take Over option is not available anymore for those who plan to change their team.                             


This is your best Top Eleven guide if you want to play like PSG who’s dominating the football in France for half of decade now.

Rate Top Eleven EMAIL Support Team

When I started to play Top Eleven I used to use the “email support team” quite often because I didn’t knew to many things.

Win Argentina Home Jersey and Logo

Long time since our last  contest but that’s history already, now it’s time now to make another contest with great rewards.  

Why my players lost a star – Guide

The most common question we hear at the end of a season is “Why did my players lose their stars?”

HELP – Top Eleven

Are you looking for help in Top Eleven? Do you need to counter a formation or you have an issue in the game?

Take Over – Top Eleven

Are you tired of your team and you are ready to take it again from “zero” in Top Eleven? Find how you can do it.

BvB – USA Team

BvB the most popular Top Eleven team from USA. Find out who’s the manager behind this great team!

Orlova Perfect Cup – Top Eleven

Do you think is possible to win the CUP without conceding a goal? YES! Orlova won the CUP without conceding a goal!

Play as Orlova

We have for you a great tutorial about how you should start playing Top Eleven and is covering almost all aspects of the game: squad, tactic & order, formation, competitions, buildings, etc.

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