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It is a really very nice feeling when you see that your requests are heard by Top Eleven developers and you see them in-game.


Today we gonna show you another Top Eleven manager and this time we have Mr. Edward Stephen from United States of America.


The latest update of the game comes with a better use of the match assistant and doesn’t look bad at all.                    

Meet Managers: Rodrigo Paiva

Meet Rodrigo Paiva, one of the most addicted Top Eleven players I had the pleasure to meet during my time in this game.  

Goodbye Associations

After two seasons of Associations I decided to gave up, to leave the Association I created and say goodbye, maybe permanent.                                                                     […]

Associations – First review

Now that we finished with success our first experience in the Associations tournament is time for a quick review of our experience.                                                                   […]

Manager Page – Broken

Many managers started to complain and report the manager page which seems to be broken for some time now but with a small trick you can still access your manager page.                        

Match Assistant – New Feature

Today  I will talk with you about the latest Top Eleven new feature in the game and to be more exactly: Manager Assistant.  

Jersey #12 #13 – Contest

Today is a great day and we have for you a very special prize. 2 premium jerseys so be 100% sure that you are not missing this great chance!

Jersey #11 – Contest

Today we are offering for you a great premium jersey, everything left for you is just to register to our contest and to win.

Jersey #9 #10 – Contest

Don’t miss this great chance and win, not 1, not 2 but 4 great jerseys with just a simple commentary on .

Jersey #8 – Contest

Another day another contest here on . If you are ready to win this great jersey please sign up!

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