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Associations – First review

Now that we finished with success our first experience in the Associations tournament is time for a quick review of our experience.                                                                   […]

Because we get more and more visits and visitors everyday I think is good idea to inform you about our future plans.               

Design your JERSEY – Facebook

It’s back! After such a long time, finally we have a very great contest where the players have the great chance to design their own jerseys in-game! Start and design your jersey right now!             

Training – Attack Drills

It’s been a while since I didn’t posted anything interesting and new but I have few good articles and I will start with training.       

Orlova Academy – Romanian Team

If I could use an word to describe this team would be “experiment”. A 3,4 months projected turned out to be the best experience I had in Top Eleven. This is my epic story with Orlova Academy:

We are on YouTUBE

We just want to inform you guys that now you can find us on YouTube so please subscribe at our YouTube channel.

Facebook Groups

We are happy to share with you more and more facebook groups everyday. Great places where you can find support.      

Top Eleven Brasil – FB Group

Hello guys if you are from Brazil or you understand Portuguese take a look at this facebook group, is on our suggestions list.

NIK FC – Greek Team

It’s time for our second team interview and we have the honor to show you NIK FC probably the best greek team.

BvB – USA Team

BvB the most popular Top Eleven team from USA. Find out who’s the manager behind this great team!

Orlova Perfect Cup – Top Eleven

Do you think is possible to win the CUP without conceding a goal? YES! Orlova won the CUP without conceding a goal!

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