Special abilities – The secrets behind

Have you ever wondered what’s with these special abilities and how much do they help the managers during the live game? 


Is hard to find some official information about these things and the only place is on Top Eleven wiki page which is outdated and maybe Top Eleven will think to update it at some point because it’s a must.


Not sure if you ever counted them but you should know that the game have eleven special abilities and this is not a random number. Because the game is called Top Eleven, they decided to create eleven abilities that represent more or less the game.


The main reason I decided to talk about this subject is because these days I noticed on forum some discussions about this subject and the main question was if these abilities really work or if everything is just a scam.


To be honest, it’s a good question because Top Eleven didn’t knew exactly how to promote these things despite with the new animated live match you can see clearly that they are working, at least for some of them.


Hopefully in the feature a short clip or teaser will come out and explain to everyone how is working.


This is the official statement from Top Eleven regarding the special abilities:

Special abilities are specializations that let players excel in certain situations. Whenever the conditions for a specialization trigger, the player will count as being of one star higher quality for that opportunity.


Basically for example for One on One scorer this ability should increase up to a star the stats for finishing and shooting. Is pretty hard to guess exactly what attributes represents each ability but watching the example you can make an idea for yourself.


Now coming to the main subject and the reason I started to write this article, do this abilities actually are working?
The answer is yes and like I said before, you can see pretty often in the live animated match.


During the live animated match is super easy to see it and this video will show you exactly how is working. Skip the video to 00:28 and you will see a double action from the special abilities.


When the special ability gets activated you will see the special ability icon next to the player.


You must know that this is not something that your player have in general. The special ability is not something your player have permanent and it will work at all the moments in the game. Is just happening once in a while.


I’m not 100% sure but if I remember good only 9 from 11 abilities will display that icon. The dribbler and playmaker can’t display the special icons for the moment.


For those who still use the old desktop version you can only guess when they are using the ability and just make an idea based on the live match commentaries.


Before ending I would like to answer to another question from a Top Eleven player was if a natural ability is better then a trained one. The answer is NO, actually it doesn’t matter at all if the player was generated with the ability or if you trained it.


Thanks for reading and if you have a question on this subject feel free to ask me. Good luck!


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13 Responses to “Special abilities – The secrets behind”

  1. Xin Pa says:

    What ability is the best man?

  2. Breached says:

    Thanks for the write up – Just an FYI that I saw Playmaker this afternoon on a counter attack. Agreed that I haven’t seen dribbler SA. I had mainly used the dribbler SA for my attacking wingers but have since switched to shadow striker to great results. I also haven’t seen one on one scorer. However, having not seen one on one scorer might be of my own doing since I also prefer free kick ability, especially for my strikers. That seems to be the best way to get a striker to score these days.

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  4. nikologiorgos says:

    “Before ending I would like to answer to another question from a Top Eleven player was if a natural ability is better then a trained one. The answer is NO, actually it doesn’t matter at all if the player was generated with the ability or if you trained it.”

    We ave seen many times players who had special ability that doesn’t fit in their positiion.
    For a example a DC with one-to-one sa or a MC with defensive wall. Does it mean that this player, if become in a position that this sa can activate, he also get the same bonus or it’s just a fail/bug of the game ?

  5. ogi says:

    if I do not attach importance to the player special abilities, I am more concerned with attribute points which conformed to the wing position example would I train with thetype of speed and procession

  6. Gomo says:

    If you train for a special ability does it stop the rate of general increase in rating?

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  8. Hitachi says:

    If we train a special ability…. Does the value of the player increase?

  9. mubeen says:

    i am using free kick specialists for corner kicks. left footed freekick specialist is better for right corner kicks or for left corners????

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