Finally back and plenty of time to update the blog and the best way to start it is with some redeem codes.


First of all I would like to announce the winner of our contest from January on our Facebook page.


The lucky winner of 50 tokens is Dhinho Eckenback , the tokens would be added automatically to your account during this week.



Regarding 2017 and redeem codes, I quite believe that this year Top Eleven would not release so many because there are no major events in football except Champions League. With some luck Top Eleven would release some redeem codes for the final stages of Champions League or who knows maybe for Europa League as long is very similar with Nivea Cup in the game.


Another reason Top Eleven would release new codes is when they would have some major events or updates in the game.
As far as I know Top Eleven does not have any major updates for 2017 but clearly something is in their plans. Exactly when they will release new codes I have no idea and is really hard to predict at the moment but for sure it would happen at least few times this year.


The  good and the best part is that for the next 2 months we would offer weekly a redeem code in value of 50 tokens but just as I said, just one per week which is not so much thinking on how many you are but still I do believe that is better then nothing and for sure would make few of you very happy.


Redeem codes would be offered as gift from us or as rewards on some contests that we plan to hold in the next days but more about this you can find later on the website in a special article where you can find all our contests in the next months.


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180 Responses to “REDEEM CODES 2017”

  1. oncescu says:

    Vreau si eu te rog token

  2. Daniel says:

    Vreau si eu token

  3. hylnrzylmz says:

    büyük hiç

  4. Black Tigers FC says:

    can i have redeem codes 2017 pleace

  5. Mario says:

    Hello can i have any code to redeem like boost, tokens or something …i love this game thank you

  6. Ambon says:

    so unfair

  7. mario camilleri says:

    token pls

  8. Perspoliiss says:

    Pls reedem cods for me tnx

  9. Unas fichas para mi necesito para hacer una gran temporada

  10. Dikesh says:

    Hi Admin, how do you give out tokens? I also have few hundred tokens which I may not use. So how do I give them or distribute them?

  11. Neta Myhay says:

    Am nevoie de tokeni

  12. KUDRET says:


  13. Lynn Lynn says:

    Please reedem cord give me .. thank

  14. aftene ionel says:

    am nevoie de tokeni.

  15. Lynn Lynn says:

    Please give me tokens.. thank

  16. nikologiorgos says:

    Doesn’t matter.
    those daily gifts are great. previous month I earned about 40 tokens in one month (plus the boosters)

  17. molo says:

    codes pls

  18. opoku dennis says:

    i will be happy if u cloud give me the code for redeeming tokens

  19. Abtin Tavakoli(SLəyer) says:

    I just need it plzzzzzz

  20. marica says:

    i need the redeem code for tokens, please!

  21. Blondu fc says:

    Quiero tokens gratis,porfavor

  22. Joao says:

    I need tokens

  23. Smash says:

    Tokens pls.

  24. Smash says:

    Codes please

  25. Tbone says:

    Need tokens please

  26. Chris P says:

    token re plz

  27. Badt says:

    Żebraki tokenowe:))daj tokena i te oczy mogą że Shreka:))dam wam dobra radę…Kupcie sobie a nie proście:)pozdrawiam:))

  28. PHUC says:

    Viet Nam

  29. Dragan says:

    Hello can i have any code to redeem like boost, tokens or something …i love this game thank you

  30. Pa sap nho fc says:

    I need token for club.

  31. Rene says:

    Thx for the 50 tokens , great !

  32. Rene says:

    Wow, again 50 tokens ! Whats happen there but this is great !

  33. Ahmed mostafa says:

    Token please

  34. Pa sap nho fc says:

    Thank you for 30 token. Kiss you

  35. Ian Sandy says:

    Got 60 this morning 7/3/2017 ???

  36. Am nevoie de tokenuri mulțumesc

  37. Man united says:

    I need token. Help me

  38. kent says:

    i need token now

  39. ciccio says:

    token please

  40. Ovidiu says:

    Need tokens please 😀

  41. gerard says:

    Need th token plz

  42. Mikail Soufi says:

    Token token token token token token token token pleaseeeee…?

  43. Aleksandar Lukić says:

    Code please..need tokens..thanks!!

  44. bin jamel says:

    need big token for my team…

  45. zulkiflie says:

    Token plesss..

  46. Thang Dang says:

    tokens please!!!

  47. Markus says:

    I need Tokens pls 🙂
    Thank u a lot 🙂


  48. mazen fe says:

    oken pls

  49. oussama says:

    I need Tokens and treatments
    Thank u a lot

  50. Miko says:

    Trebam tokena za klub

  51. Miko says:

    Trebam tokena 10

  52. Szilard Istvan Garbac says:

    I need some tokens pls…..i play already 6 years now

  53. anon says:

    Want token

  54. tamar says:

    plz can peeps give me some redeem codes i really do need some

  55. Sazzad says:

    i need tokens …. pls give me some tokens …

  56. chertic says:

    Vreau si eu cod de tokent

  57. tamar says:

    i really need some codes for this year plz

  58. Kovan says:

    Bitte brauche token

  59. Kamil says:

    I would be honoured to get 50 tokens 🙂

  60. Raziey trg says:

    Token plise

  61. king says:

    Please help me with token

  62. king says:

    Please help me with tokens

  63. William v handel says:

    I need tokens pls

  64. Eric says:

    Can someone please help me with token please please please

  65. Mohamed says:

    Need Token Please

  66. David Paterson says:

    Please, please can I have tokens 🙂

  67. SorinMarian says:

    Da, aș avea nevoie.multumesc

  68. ar oppa says:

    Lek,tokene leeekk….

  69. özcan ateş says:

    50 token please

  70. Eka says:

    Butuh kode Redem token

  71. Antonio Miro says:

    Tokens please

  72. medo says:

    tokens plz

  73. damien says:

    jeton svp

  74. Panayiotis says:

    Tokens please!!!!!!

  75. Panayiotis says:

    Tokens please !! very important! I will have a career better than Mourinio!

  76. Miko says:

    Potrebno mi 50 tokena molim hvas hvala unaprijes

  77. davit says:

    please give me some tokens <3 love you #topeleven

  78. Yusro says:

    Plz I went free tokens tell you how to get free tokens plz

  79. Aries says:

    Give me a Token Code please. Greetz

  80. Mihai says:

    Am Nevoie de tokeni

  81. beko_hol says:

    Give me a Token Code please.

  82. sirk says:

    Can you give me a gift:)

  83. Milan Malin says:

    o let me win one, and not just be a token 50 token but perhaps in 1000). But I would like so much again nothing 🙂 But even so, it’s an experience to play this game 🙂

  84. Mihail says:

    Need tokens

  85. Thang Dang says:

    Send me some tokens please !!!

  86. OBAMA 4MO says:

    HuiVam228 😉

  87. Daniyar Nurmukanov says:

    I need tokens pls

  88. Eliran says:

    Tokens code

  89. john smith says:

    svp pourriez-vous faire un geste de fair play lol et m’envoyer des token svp merci d’avance

  90. Dao Ngoc says:

    I want code. thanks

  91. Ngoc Dao says:

    Send me some tokens please !!!

  92. Ellah says:

    I need tokens pls…lack of tokens in the club makes the game so boring..!

  93. Need token plzzzz says:

    10-20 token plsss

  94. Niko says:

    Token code please

  95. FreeJuve fc says:

    Plsss give me a token or code

  96. TBG says:

    Token pls

  97. FC Berlin says:

    Need some tokens to buy new players, pleeeeaaassseee 😉

  98. BulldoxeR says:

    Token plsssss

  99. Pa Sấp Nho fc says:

    ID 100004393689537. I very need token. Help me, please !

  100. masood says:

    Plz token send to me….

  101. Chatree Wisesya says:

    I very need token. Help me, please !

  102. Chatree Wisesya says:

    I need tokens pls…lack of tokens in the club makes the game so boringResponses to “REDEEM CODES 2017”

  103. Chatree Wisesya says:

    Topeleven Maneger is a very catchy game and I
    Want Token to bid for a player to add to the team. Because of that, I want to REDEEM CODES. Help me please.

  104. Graham Bell says:

    Great game but more tokens would help boost our work on the training field

  105. Milan Malin says:

    please REDEEM CODE Help me 🙂

  106. herlan suherlan says:

    token please

  107. please REDEEM CODE Help me

  108. Diee wung says:

    Butuh redeem code top eleven 2017

  109. dunja says:

    maybe it would be better to giveaway like 3 prizes per week. 1.place30 tokens 2nd place 15 ,and 3rd 5 tokens. that way

  110. Lee Matheson says:

    Cant log into game since last update im not happy at all. Ive spent alot ov money on my team and since last upgrade i cant even get on first screen without it kicking me off. Done all the nessesery checks cleared caaches uninstalled still wont work. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH ANDROID USERS NONE OV US CAN LOG IN

  111. Valeriano190 says:

    Tokens please i need tokens

  112. Zakaria Abdoo says:

    Hi i need token please!!!

  113. Gomez fc says:


  114. Gomez fc says:

    How to win? Code or tokenssss?

  115. Aaron says:

    Hi admin, need some more tokens.. Think the new auction system used more tokens.. Last season won e league, cup, 2nd in champion league, but the prizes were miserable. Not easy to win at least if get top4 can get some tokens as prize. Do consider… If can pls give some tokens…

  116. amine says:

    need token plzzzzzzzz

  117. Nyvl1 says:


  118. VELISLAV says:

    redeem token please and rests than you

  119. Emanuil says:

    I need redeem code for tokens please

  120. zulkiflie says:

    Token pls

  121. sabit says:

    I need redeem code for tokens pleas

  122. erza putra says:


  123. jef says:

    i like tokens

  124. Hasan Yılmaz says:

    Please redeem code

  125. Hasan Yılmaz says:

    Redeem code pls

  126. Pa Sấp Nho fc says:

    I need token for club!!! Help me.

  127. Haitham says:

    Need tokens please

  128. Top house says:

    Token plz !!

  129. penor says:

    Hi, im new to that Game 🙂
    I realy need some Tokens for a good start .

  130. Gary says:

    Some TOKEN code pls

  131. Stefan says:

    5 tokens – Hashtag11 😄

  132. Edwin says:

    Help i need tokens.

  133. Haithem says:

    50 token plzzzzz

  134. adrian says:

    Need code token . thx

  135. Sergey Kirichenko says:

    Give me please Tokens!!!

  136. Ilove top eleven put he have many Iam not have many lhave tokens my

  137. Ramon says:

    Need code reedem, plis. Name in top eleven is “ShadowAndre” i am follow for facebook.

  138. Youness fc says:

    10000000000 tokens top eleven

  139. nazir says:

    This is not working?

  140. JUNIOR FC says:

    need tokens can u help thanks

  141. FC Nantes Florent avargues says:

    Bonjour administrateur,voulez vous me faire gagner des tokens pour acheter un super joueur,s’il vous plaît

  142. Slav says:

    Tokens for me too please 😀

  143. Philip says:

    Tokens please…………

  144. Thaw Gyi says:

    Help me to get tokens

  145. Ericsson says:

    Need tokens 100 please

  146. sri tanjung says:

    Help me to get tokens..please

  147. Bayamoussavou says:

    Code redeem please

  148. Batman says:

    May I Please have some free tokens? Thanks in advAnce x

  149. 100002616755067 says:

    Id 100002616755067 need 500 tokens please

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